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Dead Pig Wearing Romney T-Shirt Found At Republican Campaign Headquarters [VIDEO]


Police in Manhattan Beach, Calif. are investigating a dead pig found wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt and placed at a Republican campaign office Thursday (Nov. 8) morning.

The animal, which was said to be from a pork butcher shop, was discovered at the front of the building, with barbed wire around its neck. Authorities discarded the carcass in a nearby trash can.

Neighbors in the Southern California beach city saw the animal was unsure what it was. “I thought it was a dead body at first,” said one witness.

Manhattan Beach Animal Control removed the container holding the animal. Although the incident appears to be politically motivated, police said that there is no evidence suggesting that any particular crime was intended. Forensic testing will be ran on the animal’s remains.

With the presidential election coming to a close earlier in the week, a resident noted the incident as an example of the heightened political climate throughout the campaign. “That is something that turns me off to this whole political system and this recent election and how divided its made us all.”

The campaign headquarters remained closed Thursday, so it is unclear whether anyone working at the location ever saw the animal.

Anyone with information  about the happening are asked to contact Manhattan Beach Police at 310-802-5123.


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Photo: ABC Los Angeles

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  • dean

    Good god this mess is so uncalled for.

  • Mr. noonall

    Yea it’s about time the winning side took a page out of the racists rednecks book. How does out feel mitches????

  • Tony Hale

    As a local Democratic Party leader in the Manhattan Beach area, I unconditionally condemn the repugnant act perpetrated at the Manhattan Beach Republican headquarters.

    This kind of behavior has no place in our political debate and should be condemned by both sides.

    I don’t know anyone in our local Democratic community who has ever shown any
    inclination toward such actions. Although it is easy to assume a partisan
    motivation for this disgusting stunt, we should not jump to conclusions. This
    is likely to be the exploit of an individual who is not fully involved in the
    political process.

    I wish to console my Republican counterparts and assure them that our
    organizations do not condone or foster that kind of behavior.

    I am asking everyone, do not allow the bad behavior of one individual to lower
    civility for the rest of us. Let’s accept our differences and work together to
    improve our country.

    Tony Hale
    Executive Board Member.
    California Democratic Party.
    South Bay Area.