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15 Things Beyoncé Wants You To Know Based On Her Tumblr & Instagram Shots [PHOTOS]


Good news, Beyoncé is more like you than you may have thought. For a while the world was wondering if the reigning queen of music, Jay-Z’s wifey, and Blue Ivy’s mommy, had room for any remnants of regular human activity in her wonderful life, and we learned the answer once she took to social media.

Although slow to take the jump, once Bey hit Tumblr, Twitter, and (most recently) Instagram, she proved that—like us—she enjoys showing off her face, clothes, earrings, and anything else that she sees fit. Fighting the pull of social media so long has resulted in Destiny’s Child suffering from what happens to your parents once they figure out how Facebook works: they become obsessed. Not that we’re complaining because anytime you can scroll through a few Beyoncé flicks to pass the time, things aren’t as bad as they could be.

Since she doesn’t speak much, Tumblr and Instagram seem to be her safe places, as solely posting images with no caption is part of the photo-sharing “cool crew” vernacular. Rather than gives us too deep a peak into the inner-works of her mind, mere mortals have been left to decipher their own meanings of every photo. Hip-Hop Wired doesn’t have enough time on its hands to break down the deeper meaning of them all, but here are at least 15 things that Mama Bey wants you to know judging by her Tumblr & Instagram posts.

Also, Beyoncé  is getting ready to kill the game again. You just wait.



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Photos: Tumblr/Instagram

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  • DarknLovely

    This was so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Aly

    instead of flipping thru all these pages, i will take a trip to her tumblr…

  • collegegirl2015

    the captions were quite funny.

  • CriticXtreme

    All this for not 75%, 60%, 50%, 25%, 20%, 10% or 5% but 1/15th of a basketball team. The Beyonce crap you’re seeing is to distract you from this fact.

  • lala

    idk why this made me laugh so hard…good job to whoever wrote the captions

  • Rita Ora is allowed to be in her presence and she knows her to write her name….lml oh and love the out fit at the studio…killin em…love me some B! This was funny as hell…HipHopWired is definitely my favorite hip hop site…NO QUESTION!!!

  • mimi

    the captions made me laugh! lol

  • tootrue2lie

    Sing: “Imma Ah Diva! No passengers on my plane!”
    true dat, Bey.