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Chris Brown & His Crew Are In Amsterdam Smoking A Gang Of Weed [PHOTOS]


The only message on Chris Brown’s newly resurrected Twitter account is “Carpe Diem” (that’s Latin for “seize the day” if you didn’t pay attention in class). Fear not if you need a Breezy social media fix, though. The crooner is in Amsterdam and has been documenting his travels via Instagram, which mainly includes photos of plenty off puff puff pass activities. 

We all know what tourists usually do in Amsterdam, and Brown is certainly living that life. This is not shocking because he does stateside what is legal in Amsterdam anwyay; smoking copious amounts of the cheeba cheeba. In one photo, Rihanna’s favorite singer is shown with three blunts in his mouth at the same damn time.

Hopefully, mary to the jane is the hardest drug on Brown’s to do list. Hey kids, drugs are bad, okay? Just saying. Check out the flicks in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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  • laylay

    Looks like a black n mild to me. Ppl always want to criticize the next let us open your closet how many skeletons going to fall out?

  • Jason Margel

    Those are “Raw Cones” bro

  • Elcee

    those arent blunts! people stay tryna trip Chris B. up! A gang of weed. All i saw was a gang of exaggerations!!!!!

  • nice illuminati tattoos necklaces and hat

  • haneef856

    dam i feel srry for u u just another puppet