Man Facing 142 Charges After Snitching On Himself Via Instagram [PHOTOS]


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  • Ben Ricks

    Well,l what else would you really expect from today's stupid young idiots. They are all want to be's. They get the their ideals of what a real man is from rap videos and some athletes, instead of a father. No education, no direction and no respect for others = Idiot in jail. This is so sad, really.

    • Poochie McNeil

      Thts the realist comment I've seen so far!! I cudnt have said it no betta myself!!

      • DJ Scatt

        Wow .... You were an English major, huh ?

      • David McIntosh

        You are the dummy for missing the OBVIOUS SARCASM...

  • Not-Jello Biafra

    One dumb niqqa.

    • Christophe Tam

      I'm thinkin about charlamagne's donkey of the day intro: "i was born a donkey"

  • Taunya73

    Candidate for World's Dumbest Criminals.

  • 13chakras

    "The south gone hold it down"

  • UpInYou


  • rogerhenderson2009

    Better sell them teeth so we dont have to pay for his lawyers....

  • rogerhenderson2009


  • Taryn Bryant


    • paul nicholas

      More then dilly doe cones with muesickal

  • paul nicholas

    Shot me in the back of my that was my head soudead 4 no earrning ft. Die f...m.p.nm.e

  • paul nicholas

    Owwnly don't. Song u

  • paul nicholas

    I boys with that that that kills u.. pbnlnmlnpnm.

  • datboicold

    Well he musta took 2 chainz song to serious.....imma look fresh as hell if da feds watchin!!!!....smh....datz why u dnt put yo biz on fb...instagram or none of dat shyt....wen they gon learn....they always watchn....get smart or get locked up

    • Patrick Fries

      Who are you telling to get smart?

  • Marion Morris

    Keep on putting all yo business on fb and instagram! Smdh

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