MMA Fighter Kills 1, Injuries 3 After Home Invasion Attempt [PHOTOS]



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  • bigdawgman

    Dayum, 4 on 1 and you still get your butts whooped? Y'all ain't about that thug life! Time to get some real jobs.

    • don3345

      4 punk bullies, who are only brave when its 4 of them.

  • Declining Society

    The fact he could face charges for killing a man is an OUTRAGE.

    • Frank F

      ^ This

    • Angelie

      Right! He was defending himself and his family.

    • suebrowcounty

      that's why you need to live in a stand your ground state

      • Fladabosco

        No, it's legal to defend yourself whether you live in a crazed state or not.

  • grunt653

    Quadrant? Seriously Trent? Who is your editor? Quartet maybe but the audience....

    Hats off to Mt Torrez though!

  • DCConwell

    No DA in his right mind would ever consider bringing up charges against this man for protecting his family in his own home. When they decided to break in they sealed their fate

  • Nelson NY

    If this had happen in FL, the so-called "stand your ground" law would surely be put in affect, yet he shouldn't be charged with no serious felony for defending his family

  • Rob

    Sure he COULD face charges, but any prosecutor would be insane to even attempt this. Would any jury actually convict this man? I sure as hell wouldn't. I would want to congratulate him if anything. We need more people willing to do what he did.

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