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Sharkeisha Confuses Maya Angelou With Rosa Parks, Gets Roasted On Twitter [PHOTOS]


The passing of Maya Angelou brought forth swift Twitter tributes from celebrities and various members of the Hip-Hop community alike, but some people were just trying to latch themselves onto a trending topic for the sake of being seen.

And that is where Sharkeisha comes back into the news. The Texas high school teen is equally known for her Jaws-esque name as she is for the brutal fade she served up on a classmate for a dispute over a boy. She has since amassed a Twitter following in the upward of 40K and she embarrassed herself in front of all of them with a possibly well-intentioned, but severely misguided tweet to the late poet.

“RIP Maya Angelou (sad face) you sat on the bus so people today can walk to their dreams. We love you baby!,” she tweeted, obviously getting her Angelou and Rosa Parks lessons mixed up. It doesn’t take a history major who graduated magna cum laude to figure out what happened next. Her mentions were shambles and to save face, she attempted to retweet the most slanderous ones.

Sharkeisha launched a “woe-is-me” PSA, citing the Black community for being quick to tear each down opposed to offering up fast on-the-spot support and education. She has a point but a quick click on one of the countless news articles or Google search would have spared her all the same. One Twitter user even pointed out that Maya Angelou’s name was an apparent copy-and-paste job since it was spelled correctly. Ouch.

Flip through the gallery below to see what the people had to say about Sharkeisha’s Black history mistake.

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  • Starcru

    her name is sharkeisha, so what would you expect?

    • Tia

      Well I expect her to have basic knowledge on black history. I expect her to own up to her actions and realize that every action results in a negative or positive reaction. I expect her to simply google someone if they pass and you are unaware of who they are.

      • JustaViewer

        I think you gave her too much credit. The worst part is that she tried to play the victim role instead of taking responsibility for the mistake. Instead of saying “black people tear each other down”, she should have been saying “on my way to the library to find out more about black history”. She just further proof that most bullies are idiots.

      • nono

        You better preach!


      stfu racist.

      • VinnyMaruggi

        no need to get ghetto my sista


        telling someone to stfu is not ghetto and you can stfu too u racist.

      • Wake up already

        I’d rather be racist than retarded which you obviously are..

      • lily

        what about what she said was racist? knowing the difference between the two women is basic knowledge; I don’t know about you, but I learned that in the 4th grade. this is nothing to do with race, it’s pure stupidity.

  • Kayé

    This isn’t even slightly funny. It’s sad and another pointless story.


      It isn’t a pointless story but it is sad. Those people shouldn’t have shamed her because that isn’t going to help matters.

  • guest

    Sharkeisha just go purchase I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. It’s Maya Angelou’s autobiography. It’s a shame you can fight over a boy and make internet headlines but not know who this phenomenal woman is.

  • Say What?


  • “Sharkeisha No”!

  • SM

    No, thanks. Not gonna flip through TWENTY-SEVEN PAGES. But I’m sure the tweets were funny….

  • #brooklyn

    She said that black people tear her down more than white people because white people don’t even acknowledge her existence enough to say anything. Except when they posted her fight on the news as a poor example of our generation’s black youth. Get out of my face with her stupid backpedaling and victim crap.

  • VinnyMaruggi

    what a nīgger bītch. Too bad I can’t slap that ratty weave off her head.

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Why are you here? Go to TMZ.
      That first sentence you wrote was uncalled for. Dumb

      • VinnyMaruggi

        do you know what it feels like to get hit by a man my sistah?

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Nope. And I will never.
        You going to hit me ? You’re not a man. You have too many female traits. You want to be a woman so bad.
        If you’re looking for me , I’ll be at the university of Miami where I go to school.

      • You shouldn’t be giving out your name and location on the internet.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Don’t worry. Aaliyah Noelle is not my real name. Just my favorite name.

      • VinnyMaruggi

        what the hell are you babbling about you pickaninny? running your mouth like that will get you hit my sistah nīgga. Not everyone will tolerate ghetto black women.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        There is ghetto people of all races. FYI, how do you know I am black? I could be of a different race but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk shyt to you. Not everyone will tolerate idiots like you.
        You want to hit me, come on. Haha I’m sorry but you’re funny.

      • VinnyMaruggi

        I will gladly slap your ratty weave off your head while I shove my dīck in your nappy punani.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        Dame Papi. lo necesita. lo quiero. Vamos.

      • VinnyMaruggi

        ill get my nīgga with the HIV positive dīck to run up in your gaping pu$$y hole.

      • Aaliyah Noelle


  • OutHerSpace….

    But she has stupid tweets all the time. You idiots keep her in the media. She tweets ignorant sh!t ON PURPOSE smh . That’s not the first. This is how she is able to gain followers and be famous for sucker punching somebody. Stop giving this h0e FAME.

  • `$$$XO YourHighness,

    “so we could walk to our dreams” .. lets not overlook that part. that shiit makes no sense.

  • Suburban Princess Dior

    No I believe she wanted more than her 15 second of fame

  • guest

    Must be Porsha Stewart’s friend….

    • Aaliyah Noelle


  • Hipster

    Well I hope Sharkeisha ends up seeing the light. Someone needs to pull her ghetto a$$ to the side and talk to her. Malcolm X was an ignorant negro before he became a pillar in the black community. There is still hope Sharkeisha as Jesse Jackson said “keep hope alive”. SMDH

  • Nini Noel


  • Aaliyah Noelle

    She’s so dumb. How can you mix up those two?!
    But she is right about one thing. We don’t learn about Maya in school. I’m fresh out of high school & I can tell you not once do I remember having a lecture on her

  • silhouetteblack

    what a dummy

  • Kris50

    This site blocks the most ridiculous words!! I didn’t use a single curse word, no foul language to speak of! I’m done!

  • Goddessmalfunction

    You know between her and Porsha the family really needs to do better. If I waited for the school district to teach me about my history I too would be lost. Damn shame

  • stories like this is whats wrong with the media…they always quick to give the light to dumbass people that dont matter

  • ♚A. R.♚(® Ya’ll some haterz ™)

    Knows how to sucker punch other little girls over a boy but doesn’t know the difference between Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks smh.

  • There’s nothing strange about a teenager not knowing who Maya Angelou is. At least she attempted to pay respect. I’m sure that most of the people clowning that child were adults.

    • Bombshell

      True but apparently she didn’t know who rosa was either!!


        She’s a dummy…Everyone knows who rosa parks is


    She needs to log off and never log back in again

  • I don’t understand the hate

    Why on earth would it be others job to educate you??? SMH those women weren’t even that close in generational plight (though both were great leaders) for it to be a mix up like that? You can two piece a female with a quickness but can’t read before you tweet something to the world? Im young and my heart weeps for my generation

  • oppa

    Once again, please give to the United Negro College Fund.

  • Kiki Wiles

    That’s probably not even her real Twitter account. People believe anything.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    looks like we have another Porsha in the building!!! #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  • Brittany

    whoever this child is she CLEARLY needs to read up on her history

  • Trish Chasity

    She still looks like an idiot Knowledge is power

  • Junebug123

    I can’t