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Spike Lee Slams Django Unchained As “Disrespectful”


Spike Lee has no problem slamming other directors (i.e. Tyler Perry) if he thinks their work is crap, and his latest target is Quentin Tarantino.

Lee told Vibe magazine, that  he has no plans to watch Tarantino’s film, Django Unchainedabout a slave-turned-bounty-hunter, “I can’t speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna’ see it,” he said.

“All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors. That’s just me… I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody else.”

Sensing the imminent backlash the acclaimed Brooklyn director went online to further clarify his views. “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western.It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them.”

In the film, Jamie Foxx helms the title role, and  sets out on a journey alongside a bounty hunter, played by Christolph Waltz. The duo plots to rescue Foxx’s character’s wife, Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington. Django has been criticized for trivializing slavery by tacking on the silly– albeit unique– bounty hunter storyline. “We knew there was going to be controversy,” said Leonardo DiCaprio who plays a slave master, and Broomhilda’s owner. “The question is: What is not a realistic depiction? I would argue that it is. It is Quentin’s re-creation; this character doesn’t exist. There’s nobody that is documented to do what Jamie’s character has done at the time. But the documentaries I saw went even further.”

Django Unchained opens Christmas Day.

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  • Jack

    No “Spike”, your ancestors were not “stolen” from Africa. They were traded from Africa by their own community leaders in exchange for goods and weapons.
    Also, even though you gave yourself a tough guy nickname, you’re still a whiny little baby.

    • Ask

      Not all of them, lately I’ve been reading a lot of people repeat this fallacy to make themselves feel good.

    • superjustsayin

      I’m still going to watch this movie though…

    • laboxter407

      Spike should go back to Africa if he’s so pissed; the arrogant narcissist that is Spike Lee dislikes any filmography more successful than the garbage he produces, which is to say he dislikes everything.

  • Turd Cutter

    So did he watch inglorious basterds? cause that was a men on a mission movie set during the holocaust,, was he all offended by that too? I doubt it.

    • ugh…

      Why he should he have to say something about the holocaust? Some people have too many of their own heavy personal, cultural, historical concerns to push their noses into other peoples history. If a jewish person has beef with Inglorious Basterds, it’s their right because it’s THEIR history. Some people don’t have the luxury of being descended from people who have repeatedly shown issues with “not playing well with others”, so they don’t have time to overextend themselves by being the spokesperson for other issues like the holocaust awareness and battered puppies and whales. The fact that you feel you have the right to make sarcastic remarks about such an issue is a primary reason why Spike is saying what he’s saying. You’re a part of the problem.

  • Spike Lee should at least watch the movie first. He looks petty by jumping to a conclusion about a movie he hasn’t seen, directed by a very popular filmmaker.

    • Derik King

      Sooo…He shouldn’t speak the truth because it’s a popular director? Stupidity runs rampant!!!

      • thomas

        The truth of what? Slavery did happen kids learn it in history books and there are many documentaries about it so why is it wrong to have a movie based in that time. Spike lee acts like black people were the only race enslaved. He sounds like an idiot critiszing a movie that he hasn’t seen. I went and seen it on christmas day and enjoyed it. The theater was full of black people and all still laughed at the parts when they dropped the n bomb because any black person with a brain knows that’s how people reacted to blacks back then. Now if you were ignorant like spike lee then you might be thick headed and not be able to enjoy a good movie like this. Spike lee is a dumb ignorant person

    • TicKer

      it’s spike lee what do you expect, classy? not going to happen

    • mark carroll

      tarantino just rips off old movies, puts in lots of bloody F/X and people say he’s great, Bullshit.

  • Leeroy

    I think if it was truly disrespectful to your ancestors than Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson wouldn’t be acting in it.

    • superjustsayin

      He clearly said he was not speaking fro anyone else…

  • fat_freddy

    My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa

    Your ancestors were sold by other blacks.

    • jaydaone28

      Why do people always say sold by other blacks? A small percentage of rival tribe prisoners were sold but most were stolen. learn history before you post things that aren’t true smart guy.

  • vanita

    Spike Lee is just one little petty, jealous bytch always putting down other artist works as if everything he has done was exceptional. I enjoy viewing other people interpretations of history fiction and nonfiction, if it is not complete crap I will respect their work, the research, the creativity and the time they put in it!

  • Michael B

    Spike Lee has never taken a high road in his life, and it’s always about him.

  • Tiesha

    To me, it seems that Jamie’s character is the hero of the movie. You shouldn’t judge some thing that you have not seen. If I prejudged all of your movies, Mr. Lee, I would not have seen a majority of your lame a$$ movies. Please remind me when the last movie you made was? It can’t remember….so that shows how “acclaimed” of a director/story teller you are. DON’T JUDGE Mr. Lee.

  • superbu

    Spike Lee is upset because he hasn’t had a hit movie in 20 years. He has an emotional need to be in the news. It’s simple jealousy, driven by his own belief that he never got his due as a director.

    • zman

      and because the nicks are not going to win a championship….again

  • Alex

    “Spike Lee has no problem slamming other directors if he thinks THEY’RE work is crap.” Seriously? Your work is crap if you can’t even proofread your article.

  • Spike Who?

  • Hawk Aluggie

    Hey Lee, go f**K yourself. You don’t have the talent to write, produce direct and have the balls to make this movie that’s made by a white guy, so the chump that you are you get angry like a boy

  • tigerspaw

    I don’t feel bad for Quentin. He’s incredibly successful, and his movies are always anticipated. This is probably the real issue Spike is having here 🙂

  • Django Unchained supervising art director trial date set for March in his sexual battery, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress case v. Los Angeles Music Award winning transgender singer Bralalalala. He is represented by his co defendant attorney girlfriend. He may also face a malicious prosecution charge for attempting to sue the singer for extortion. His case was thrown out by the court.

  • rcon

    Spike has always spouted without having any facts.He jumped on Eastwood for not having African Americans in a movie about the Japanese army. Causes are great, unless you let them blind you to reality.

  • Spike’s just upset because he didn’t think of the movie.

  • Andy

    I wish slavery never happened. Then Spike Lee wouldn’t be here and he could enjoy the starvation, aids, warlords, disease, unemployment, and low standard of living that Africa has to offer.

    • Kim M

      Have ever been to Africa? Obviously not.

  • You mean Radio Raheem and Da Mayor weren’t disrespectful to your ancestors?

  • If his ancestors were anything like him, Spike Lees ancestors did not get stolen or sold the others in their village paid to have them taken.

  • TicKer

    No, most of them were sold by African kings to the white people. Slavery still exists in Africa and the middle east today. Read up on it if you THINK you are so educated

  • spkie pee

    I would love to smack this little dork in the face

  • panthrax

    Actually there was an “unruly” African American man named Nat Turner that was on a killing spree against the interstate south back in that period. I’m surprised that wasn’t a movie made from that true story. If Django does commericially well, Spike will probably do it. America has grown up to accept alot of depictions in the movies. At this point it’s just entertainment with no present day racial relevance.

  • shade

    Yes, and Lincoln was a vampire hunter as well. It is called fantasy. Is Spike Lee even relevant anymore?

  • Spike we all got over Bamboozled. You can’t blame Taylor Swift and when you work with Wesley Snipes after his release, I’ll buy a ticket to that. As a person, not just as a people, we are allowed to choose and not follow the herd. Spike still refuses to acknowledge this

  • Packrabid

    Can someone let me know when Spike Lee is relevant again? Also—as far as slavery goes, the United States did their share of awful, unforgivable things…but the slaves that ended up here were more often than not sold by their own people. So the blame goes both ways.

  • qjinx

    Good lord, its fiction. For a director of fictional movies to come out and complain about fictional stories that take place in a real time period is the most butt-hurt thing I’ve ever heard. Superman and Batman were created during the Great Depression. Does that mean I should hate those movies because I have ancestors that suffered through that time period? I should hate Gangs of New York because its a narrative during a time when Irish were despised in America? Let’s be offended by all civil war era movies, or historical fiction in general. Fiction is for escapism. I can’t believe this has to be explained to you. Its why all legends or myths or pulp heroes are created. TO escape and to dream about a world that shows you alternate perspectives and alternate outcomes. That does not make it wrong.

  • Rob

    Wow…yea Spike and you’ve never been disrespectful in any if your movies…unbelievable. Hypocrite!!!

  • nick

    Is there a difference between a jewish concentration camp and a secret prison america can put you in, to torture you with out trial, kill you, and violate your human rights? Im white and american but i love how sinces it’s Muslims mainly affected nobody gives a f*ck! How can you call out racism against your selves, but not ALL racism? Wtf is wrong with people!

  • marcus

    See the Olmecs Spike Africans were and are a global people been here bro enough l ies about are global presence before any pale skins refutes my point remember all europeans are descendants of the Neanderthal or cavemen so when ur were in the caves and hillsides of europe africans ran empires around the globe.

  • Why does everyone know our story better than we do?

  • mark carroll

    Spike still make movies ? Talentless little dwarf knows the Arabs bought the tribesmen from the Chiefs who gladly sold their own willingly. Still cant face facts or make good movies.

  • Jacob Price

    Funny thing is people learn a nugget of truth and suddenly become experts. True SOME slaves were traded by other Africans, but you must understand the difference between the Africans’ brand of slavery and the europeans’ brand of slavery. Then you have to also realize that once Africans got hip to what the europeans were doing, they tried to stop it. By then it was too late. Thats when the raping and murdering on the Africani continent began. Then you have to see what American slavery was. Until you go through that education you wont be qualified to enter this conversation. Unless you do, you’ll forever speak out of ignorance.