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Bangin Candy: Elke The Stallion aka Major Lazer’s “Bubble Butt” Video Star [PHOTOS]


So, Major Lazer has a bugged out video for “Bubble Butt,” featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic. The clips features a number of massive, yet shapely, booties. Which brings us to one of its stars, and the focus of this Bangin Candy, a woman who goes by the name Elke the Stallion.

Yes, the ridiculously voluptuous Elke (pronounced L-key) definitely lives up to the “stallion” title. The German born model is very proud of her assets and is clearly anything but shy. So finding pics of her that wouldn’t get this site flagged as a distributor of Vivid Entertainment worthy content proved to be no easy feat. Nevertheless, we were up to the challenge.

Elke has been in the game showing off her Coke bottle shape for a long minute and clocks in 38-28-48 and stands 5’7″ tall. She’s been seen in mags like Smooth and Straight Stuntin’ as well as websites like Dynasty Series and, of course, World Star. Also, as you will see in the gallery, Elke is a Kid Capri fan and she was in OutKast’s “I Like The Way You Move” video. You don’t get more Hip-Hop than that.

Watch the Eric Wareheim directed video for “Bubble Butt” below. Check out pics of Elke and her impressive derriere in the gallery.

Photo: Elke The Stallion

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    nah she looks obese and the body looks fraudulent. wassup wit the lips? they look very strange. I give her a 2. and that’s being generous. sorry.

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    I’ll be glad when this butt craze go away. It looks like it hurts.

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      U sound like ur booty is flat hunbun

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        hunbun?! Two fags in the same comment section?? You two should link up and leave the bad beaches to moo-ah 🙂

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    She is thick.

  • Only two of those girls are attractive and I only see one bubblebutt in the whole video. The rest have asses that look like 80 lbs of mashed potatoes stuffed into two ziplock bags.

  • jhon84

    Who is the giant black chick that flys in she hella thick was her name any one now??

    • Joa

      sultry simone..that’s her name

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    Ok, I think women need a little meat on their bones but, I just think this young lady looks afflicted !! Everything is WAY outa proportion, looks like she’s draggin a tractor behind her. Let me hear from some guys, and be honest, is that attractive to ya all?

  • Blythe Dhia

    Can we please replace the big booty thing w/penises? For crying out loud, what are females being reduced to?


  • Jay Lamont