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Mother Charged With Killing Her 2 Children During Exorcism [PHOTOS]



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  • shanemcdonnell

    “The powers of darkness have backfired” is a misleading start to the story. This is another example of religion being used instead of trained doctors. This lady had a history of mental illness and the family decided to use mystical “powers” and a non-existent god to heal her instead of medication… Sad that her young ones had to suffer for their ignorance.

  • JJ7650

    Yeah I agree with you its too bad that this woman let religion try to heal her instead of letting trained dotors giving her medicine to help her mental illness. This woman was very stupid for letting her dark powers take control over her . And I understand that this same lady had a history of mental illness in her family according to this article to bad the family chose to use mystical powers to bad her young ones had to suffer due to the family’s ignorance . My friend I agree with you completly on your comment that you’ve made and your point is very clearly acknowleged by me and some other people too .

    • Mary

      Well, I very clearly disagree with both of you. Your assertions that her family tried to heal her with religion requires a belief in assumptions of facts not given in the article. The woman is an adult. Her family cannot make her do anything. Social Services and Police cannot do anything either, unless there is a clear and present danger to herself or her children. We do not know what her history is with the children. The article says nothing about past abuse or like crimes/attempts. This very well could have come “out of the blue” since she was mentally ill. And how does anyone know what her treatment history is since, again, the article does not cover that topic. It is very common for mentally ill patients to suddenly stop taking their medications and then do very erratic and violent things. I suggest to you both to not jump to conclusions through assumptions based on nothing and become educated about things before you form an opinion.