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10 Songs (And Videos) Of Pharrell Working With Brown-Skinned Women


Pharrell Williams’ marvelous upcoming solo album G I R L was marred with a bit of tardy controversy this morning of February 26 after a color war was spawned over his the model selection he used for the album’s cover.

The artist/producer unveiled the photo more than a week ago but no sooner did the album become available for free stream did the peanut gallery get to tossing their shells in his direction.

G I R L’s artwork depicts Pharrell posing with sunglasses in a spa back by three fair-faced ladies of the same or lighter complexion of the Academy Award-nominated artist. While there were definitely some tongue-in-cheek-responses to combat the backlash, renown journalist Dream Hampton expressed her disappointment with the album’s cover by not wishing to hear the album’s contents as result and several others felt the same way.

This isn’t the first time Pharrell caught hellfire and brimstone for his racial preferences. Repeated upstart rapper Azealia Banks accused The Neptune of disassociated himself with their “ATM Jam” duet to support his “lite skin comeback.”

Yet, talk is cheap without proof and we over here at Hip-Hop Wired found 10 good reasons with songs and videos to show why the notion of Pharrell being a reverse racist or abandoning Black faces to gain mainstream acceptance is nothing more than trolling.

Real art is colorblind.

Photo: Instagram/Kelly Rowland

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  • Jay J

    You all made a list primarily comprised of songs 10-years-old or from other artists songs that featured Pharrell. In fact it was 2 Chainz himself (not Pharrell) that requested darker skinned models for the ‘Feds is Watchin’ video because he felt they don’t get enough shine.

    No one accused Pharrell of being racist and not wanting to work with black people or black women. If you all seriously thought that what’s people were complaining about you all tremendously glib and need to educate yourself on racism and sexism in America.

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  • what!!!!

    I just noticed that was Mimi in the Frontin video

  • Stay bloggin

    Lol he has a song called Marilyn Monroe on his album… 1st song… He got a light skin serious jones but he tries to put a darker or brown lady like himself in the video every now and then.The beautiful video they picked all mullato Brazilians it’s no accident but that’s no different then 90% of black males. Black men are the biggest enablers of skin color racism in the music and entertainment industry against their own people. Black rappers and their skin color bragging nationality jocking is the cause… Y