SITW will mark its triumphant return in 2022, this time outside of Skateboard P's native Virginia, and instead will take place in the Nation's Capitol.

A fan on Twitter posted a photo from 2003 of Pharrell while remarking that it's the way some dress today, and others on the social media network are agreeing.

Pharrell continues to push culture forward in new ways. He has finally opened his hotel project and the vibes look right.

The Virginia producer's education equity nonprofit YELLOW is part of the wider effort to inspire students to embrace computer science.

2021 is now underway and content creators are pushing the pedal already. Last week three titans of industry discussed style, legacy and more.


We ain't mad at this. Having produced records for damn near everyone under the sun, Pharrell must have some interesting studio stories to tell. Just sayin.'

One of the game’s top creatives is extending his golden touch to the hospitality category. Pharrell has confirmed his newest property has been given the greenlight.


Remixing the classic Reebok Question Low silhouettes, Pharrell and his team has given a new colorway and design to the sneakers that Allen Iverson made famous by lacing it with BBC ICECREAM's signature "Name Chains" and "Beepers & Butts" graphics respectively.

Governor Ralph Northam tapped Pharrell to help roll out the announcement that the state of Virginia plans to officially recognize Juneteenth. On Tuesday (Jun 16), Pharrell joined Gov. Northam for his press conference in Richmond where he unveiled plans that Virginia will recognize Juneteenth as a paid state holiday. "[Juneteenth] matters now because it says to the black community, this is not just your history, this is everyone’s shared history, and we recognize it together," Gov. Northam said per the Daily Press. "This symbol, this holiday, is one step toward reconciliation."

The feel-good move came from the right place but some on Twitter are critical of the producer asking for money considering his $150 million net worth.

If you thought Megan Thee Stallion was going to take her foot off our necks in 2020, you were sadly mistaken. The leader of the hot girls is letting us know in advance she intends to show out this year.

Pharrell Williams was most likely trying to enjoy a quiet holiday at home but found himself the target of the swatting prank at his Los Angles home. The Virginia Beach superstar becomes the latest celebrity hit by the extremely corny and humorless “joke.”