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Think BIG: The 10 Greatest Stories Ever Told About The Notorious B.I.G. [PHOTOS]

Photo: Bad Boy Entertainment

Photo: Bad Boy Entertainment

The Making Of “Notorious Thugs” I came with a couple ounces of herb, and about 15 minutes into the session, Biggie had it in his hand [laughs]. I’m like, “This ni— just gangstered me for my weed!” But I ain’t say nothing because it’s cool. When Biggie did our style, that’s when Bone received respect for our sh-t. It was like the whole industry never gave us our Ps. But Biggie was telling us that whole night in the studio like, “Y’all just came in and laid it down so fast. Y’all ni—s are amazing.” He was marveling off of us. And we telling him how much love we had for him. Layzie Bone Via XXL

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  • godsent224

    Tell BIG he’s unbelievable.

  • tracy

    Whoever shot you was Dead wrong, I wish you had One more chance. Rest in peace Big poppa…

  • S

    To The GOAT. The Greatest MC That Ever Lived. I can’t help but wonder about ALL the ingenious lyrics we have missed. RIP We surely miss you BIG 🙁 .

  • Dutchie LaLa

    My favorite rapper. HANDS DOWN! he died on my 13th Bday. We miss you BIG. THE BEST TO EVER DO IT…. G.O.A.T.

  • solofromtoronto

    lol..I heard this story before but didn’t know it was true (according to forty). Rest in Peace BIG