big daddy kane

  With the release of Extinction Level Event 2 back in 2020, Busta Rhymes returned to the game with a dragon roar forreal. Now the Hip-Hop legend is ready for another go-round in 2022 and bought a Hip-Hop icon and a hired gun to help him burn the place down.

On Sunday night (Oct. 18) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One had their Verzuz showdown and it was everything a Hip-Hop head could ask for. As fans rabidly debate who came out on top, the culture itself came home with the W.

Jadakiss’ reign as the Verzuz G.O.A.T. might come to an end soon. Big Daddy Kane and KRS-ONE have signed on to go at it at the next battle and we are here for it.

Recently, an erroneously reported news story caused rumors of Biz Markie's death to spread while the rapper is alive but unfortunately not well. Big Daddy Kane recently took to social media to take media to task for moving too fast and not considering the ramifications it can have on the fans, friends and family of those involved.

Big Daddy Kane reveals his transition from being a DJ to a God MC in a new interview series.

On Friday (Aug 7), Rakim surprised fans when he took to Instagram in a since-deleted post and proposed an iconic battle between himself and fellow legendary lyricist Big Daddy Kane. The announcement, which came shortly after Timbaland teased fans regarding a possible faceoff between Drake and Kanye West.


To promote the 30th Anniversary of his cult classic debut album Long Live The Kane, Big Daddy Kane is throwing a concert at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island this Wednesday (June 20) and last night (June 18) the Brooklyn rapper gave listeners a taste of what’s in store.

The Juice Crew will be ending 2016 on a high note as every member will take part in reunion shows in New York City and New Jersey.


Something that people can expect after a well-known musician dies is the release of unreleased material (see Born Again, Better Dayz, etc). When Prince passed away it was reported that the man who was the embodiment of musical genius had dozens of albums worth of unreleased material locked away, and this weekend fans were treated to one that […]

Why is Black Thought considered an “underrated” MC? As co-founder of The Roots, he is a Grammy-award winning rapper with 11 albums under his belt and a career that spans 20-plus years. He’s toured the world 10 times over and he’s broadcast into millions of homes every weeknight thanks to his Master of Ceremonies gig […]

Macklemore recently put on for the old school with his new single/video combo in “Downtown,” which featured pioneering MCs, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Caz. Naturally, as with all things Macklemore-related these days, the move was met with scrutiny and accusations of the Grammy Award-winning star attempt to latch on to a Hip-Hop […]

Some of the most gifted rappers we know and love today have been diagnosed with asthma. Although we have a tendency to regard this kind of disease as something of little to no consequence, it is still, in fact, a respiratory condition that is incurable.