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Why is Black Thought considered an “underrated” MC? As co-founder of The Roots, he is a Grammy-award winning rapper with 11 albums under his belt and a career that spans 20-plus years. He’s toured the world 10 times over and he’s broadcast into millions of homes every weeknight thanks to his Master of Ceremonies gig on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Black Thought

But even beyond the list of accomplishments, he is just straight up one of the most gifted, technical, entertaining MCs in Hip-Hop today, if not ever. Where many MCs get drowned out when they take on the challenge of rapping with a live band, Black Thought has mastered the art and found a way to make his voice the main instrument. Where a lot of his peers rock shows doing the same songs, the same way, Black Thought switches up his style every show, switching cadences and often times injecting new rhymes into the show. On top of all of that, dude is probably the funniest rapper you can follow on Twitter.

Just in case you haven’t recognized or refuse to acknowledge Black Thought’s greatness, here are 12 times he proved that he is better than your favorite rapper.

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