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Knowing that everyone was wondering why he wasn't present for the ceremony, Fat Joe put out a video explaining why he fell back from going to the event.

One of the greatest lyricists to ever do it is getting a special honor in his hometown. The birthplace of Hip-Hop has crowned a popular intersection after Big Punisher. 


To honor the memory and legacy of Big Pun HipHopWired has decided to list some of Big Pun's sickest verses to remind the masses of just how talented the Boricua artist was and give youngn's an idea of what a true MC would do on the mic.

Big Pun’s debut turns 20 today. Fans can celebrate his classic with newly released merch.

Walmart need to put some respeck on Big Pun’s name. They have been peddling gear with the Bronx legend’s likeness but allegedly did not give his estate their proper coin.

Big Pun could have a street in his old Bronx stomping grounds named after him.

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Just when it seemed like the bitter legal battle between Fat Joe and Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios was over, Fat Joe went and complicated things again.

Fat and big are the words that come to mind for the checks and dollars involved in this long-standing lawsuit between Fat Joe and the late Big Pun‘s widow.

Why is Black Thought considered an “underrated” MC? As co-founder of The Roots, he is a Grammy-award winning rapper with 11 albums under his belt and a career that spans 20-plus years. He’s toured the world 10 times over and he’s broadcast into millions of homes every weeknight thanks to his Master of Ceremonies gig […]

Last week, Noreaga made headlines when he “confirmed” the longstanding urban legend that Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad camps came to blows in the late 90s and the end result was Jay Z taking a bottle upside his head at the behest of the late Big Pun.

Big Pun has been dearly departed from this world for a very long 15 years but throughout his brief time within the Hip-Hop game, his massive presence still racked up a lot of memories.

For years after his death, Big Pun’s son, Christopher Rios Jr., was long thought to be the sole heir to the Latino lyricist’s legacy (alliteration!). Under the moniker “Baby Pun” he posed for photo shoots, conducted interviews but nothing on the musical front really made so much as blip outside the Tri-State area. A common […]