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Just when it seemed like the bitter legal battle between Fat Joe and Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios was over, Fat Joe went and complicated things again.

According to Bossip, on November 9 Fat Joe filed court docs against Liza Rios claiming that the mother of Pun’s children was attempting to add terms relating to recouping additional music profits without Joe’s consent.

This past summer Fat Joe and his co-defendant, John “Jellybean” Benitez of Jelly Jam had finally reached a settlement with Liza Rios regarding unpaid royalties from Big Pun’s music catalogue. At least that’s what everyone thought.

Fat Joe’s now saying that the deal was only made “in principal” and is leaning back from agreeing to any legal language which would have him signing over his rights to Pun’s “side artist agreements.” Such a clause would require Fat Joe to fork over any royalties from Pun’s appearances on other artist’s songs and does Don Cartagena seem the type to share a fork with anyone?

This has to be frustrating for all parties involved but more so for Big Pun’s family who’s financial struggle has been so critical over the past few years. Reportedly, Liza Rios had to auction off Big Pun’s trademark iced out Terror Squad piece a few years back.

Also, this entire ordeal just continues to pile on what’s been a bad look for Latino unity as of late. First 29% of us vote a xenophobic racist into the White House and now this. So much for “La Raza.”