Something that people can expect after a well-known musician dies is the release of unreleased material (see Born Again, Better Dayz, etc). When Prince passed away it was reported that the man who was the embodiment of musical genius had dozens of albums worth of unreleased material locked away, and this weekend fans were treated to one that they would’ve never seen coming.

Back in 1989 Prince recorded an entire soundtrack for Tim Burton’s Batman film and it seems like one of the songs that ended up on the cutting room floor was a Big Daddy Kane featured remix to “Batdance.”

The song was one of the soundtrack’s lead singles so a remix with Big Daddy Kane would’ve definitely made some noise. And for those who aren’t familiar with Big Daddy Kane, he was to Hip-Hop in ’89 what Jay-Z was to Hip-Hop in ’99. So yeah.

But according to the Los Angeles Times, music execs at Warner Bros. felt the record was “too different” and it never saw the light of day. Not even in bootleg form.

Check out the record yourself and sound off on whether or not you think it was the right decision to withhold the song from the history books.


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