Cecil Lennox

Pregnant Woman Shot By Friend Over Facebook Dispute, Loses Baby [PHOTOS]


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  • njoyabl

    Female friends acting like this? I’m sure it had something to do with a man. Targeting the belly where a child lay…..possibly that man’s baby.

  • kj1986nyc

    She would’ve aborted the baby anyways. Just another ADULT abortion in America

    • Sandra Hajek

      You don’t know that

  • StamfordCT

    Why run 12 photos with no captions? Oh, and kj1988nyc, you’re an ignorant moron. Just sayin’.

  • Nancy Keeler

    Wow, that is one hell of an “unfriend”.

  • D Smith

    Have to love FaceBook!!!!

  • Skrunklesthepig

    She can’t be charged with murder. The progressive statists have let “Amerika” know they are in charge by promoting abortion and murder at anytime, willingly agreed to by the president, every major liberal progressive, and the courts so murder is totally ok especially if it is a fetus or embryo. Of this point there can be no argument given the facts of their diabolical social engineering schemes. Of course rational, intelligent people know it is what it is— murder of a human regardless of whether in the womb or functioning on their own.

    • Sandra Hajek

      I believe you are wrong because she IS being charged with murder.

      • Skrunklesthepig

        Honestly, I was trying to make a bigger point about our so called leadership in America and how depraved as a society we have come. Of course and hopefully a murder conviction will be decided. It was interesting to read the ridiculous remarks to me from iliterate readers.

  • Allen Daniels

    I truly wish the degenerate reprobate liberals would make up their minds about babies in the womb. A mother can abort a thousand unborn babies because they are only masses of cells. But a man or a woman that comes by and causes the abortion – not sanctioned by the state then it’s murder. HUH? Can somebody please explain this logic to me? But again, we are talking about the insane diseased liberal here.