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Black Republican: 10 Reasons Why Stacey Dash Is Perfect For Fox News [PHOTOS]


If all you got to do is just walk into Fox’s lobby to get a show, then why haven’t they given one to Stacey Dash yet?!

A source recently confirmed to E! News that the former BET television star (and cousin to former Roc-A-Fella co-CEO Damon Dash) may be leading towards a more permanent role with Fox News.

The Clueless star has begun negotiations to join the controversial conservative network as a regular contributor and pundit. How could a woman so fine be so closely associated to the GOP, you ask? Well, back in 2012, Ms. Dash certified her down-with-the-GOP party ties when she endorsed Mitt Romney, who was running for president at the time.

The 47-year-old actress seems to be opting out of scripted work, in favor of being more hands-on with the way we receive politics in this nation. As she mulls on the decision to join Republican Hollywood News full-time, we muse 10 reasons why she’ll be a perfect fit for Fox News.

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  • truthbetold

    SISTAS SHOULD BE MORE OPEN TO DATING NON BLACK MEN. Black men have no problem keeping their dating options open. Black women should do the same. Black women are truly the most beautiful and elegant women in the world!!!

    • Lele

      Thank you truthbetold.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    Why she always so damn GREASY?

  • Keke

    We love you Stacy and the GOP!!!!!!

  • PolkaDots

    This woman like DOES NOT AGE – MY GOD….To the topic at hand: I think it could be a good move for her. Perhaps it will lead her being considered for serious roles in the future. I say give it a whirl for at least a year and get back into acting.

  • CaravelIsland

    Much like other popular people in the news, if she can read a prompter she may get away with it.

  • Dirk Van Der Merwe

    If blacks don’t vote a certain way it becomes a punch line. Sad.