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Twitter Comes For Stephen A. Smith After Women Beating Comment [Photos]


Stephen A. Smith now knows exactly which line he can’t cross on ESPN. His comments on the Ray Rice domestic violence issue spiraled into a speech on curbing “provocation,” that ultimately sounded like he was blaming the victim.

That’s apparently not what he meant. At press time, Smith was still in a full Twitter meltdown mode, trying to explain himself. “There is absolutely no excuse to put your hands on a women. REPEATEDLY, I said dudes who do that need to be dealt with. REPEATEDLY, I echoed,” he wrote.”When confronted by it in the past — when someone was stupid enough to touch a loved one of this man, raised by 4 older sisters, a mom and numerous female relatives and loved ones, that man was dealt with. From that point, I simply asked: now what about the other side.

“If a man is pathetic and stupid enough to put his hands on a woman — which I have NEVER DONE, btw — of course he needs to pay the price.”

Smith has been tweeting and “sincerely” apologizing for the last hour or so, all while getting slandered on Twitter. His ESPN colleague Michelle Beadle even jumped in.

View some of the Smith hare in the gallery below.

Photo: ESPN

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  • Rosemary Davis

    I believe that Stephen Smith was let go by ESPN once before and they brought this fool back, he is one ignorant loud mouth bully, and has no business being on a show that’s the leader in sports.He should be suspended without pay or better yet fired for his ridiculous comments, whether a woman provokes a man or not it’s still no reason for a beat down, be man enough to defuse the situation or simply just leave rather than be abusive.This man needs some serious help he should have been arrested and charge with assault and battery, and should have been suspended from the team indefinitely without pay and if he doesn’t get help this woman will be another statistic of domestic violence (DEAD)

    • dom

      Shut up and actually watch the entire segment. He wasn’t saying they deserved it he was saying to not provoke it. Provocation is a real thing ya know? And lol at your diffuse or leave comment when you know how some of these chicks act. YouTube it, one man tried to leave and she got in front of the car.

      • Rosemary Davis

        I think you need to shut up and have several seats I’ll say it again he’s a loud mouth black ignorant bully!!! now was that clear enough

  • bleadze

    Facts is facts men should never hit a woman, but you can’t say it’s a lie that women don’t provoke it, I see women punching and kicking a dude or just hitting him but if he retaliates it’s called domestic violence