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18 Twitter Reactions To Chris Brown Bouncing To St. Tropez Without Karrueche [Photos]


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  • LMAO


  • YAYO

    So CB is using and doing that old saying, mess with your exes friends. U think jail would humble cb but not him guess he thinks he is loyal? Well if Karr didn’t learn with Rhi, she definitely swallowing it up now. Good Karr can live and learn, right now is the time to really come out her shell and do what is right for herself. On the flip side is that cb had a relationship with Rhi, but she should know that too right? Let go of that dragged out faded infatuation bc that isn’t love, its called co-dependency. Cb isn’t ready and he needs to really slow down and breathe.

  • white mike

    Damn, they not married. If he goes to the bathroom, does he have to take her too?

  • tarrilove

    Chris is a loser, but he’s smart too. He just beat her to the punch. He knows after she got use to this lifestyle. She’ll be dating some entertainer or athlete. This way he doesn’t have to look stupid and get clowned. When she starts scr@wing one of his fellow artists. I don’t even like this damsel in distress. But I hope she gets a baller and make Chris look retarded.

    • Thenji Maynard

      He done lost his mind when Rih left him. He’ll never be that way with K…never loved her the same way from the gekko. Never held hands in public, all the forced intimacy, and no amount of rehab tonguesucking PDAs convinced anybody. So, she can get a baller ASAP and CB will do just fine.

      • lol

        get-go not gekko…. but I did like your comment

  • Brittany