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Chris Paul Trade Rumors Where Will He Go?


Chris Paul has requested being traded to the Knicks, Mavs, Magic, or Trailblazers.

With the internet buzzing over where Chris should go and ESPN sports analyst waiting on the slightest bit of a tip whether or not a trade will happen, the question remains where would be the best place for Chris to go?

Click below to see an analysis on which team is best suited for a Chris Paul trade, and how likely the trade is going to happen.

Be sure to also comment and let us know what team you want to see Paul playing for.


With the recent pick up of Amare Stoudemire, a lot off the top of their head’s believe Paul would be a great fit in New York. With the recent pick ups of Eddie House and Kelenna Azubuike, the shooting guard spot has some decent shooters and also leaves room for Tracy McGrady to have trial and error games to see if he still has any goods. However, what do the Knicks have to offer? Trading Lee was basically their best bet to get another superstar in the Empire State, but with plenty of young fellows and some decent cash left, the Knicks do have a pretty good chance.


Although many may fly off the back and yell JASON KIDD JASON KIDD! Jason Kidd is 174 years old. Personally I think Kidd has one good season in him and unlike many franchises who try to pick up players for instant championships, Paul would be a great investment. With the resigning of Dirk (who will forever be a Mav) and good young players like Butler and the surprising Rodrigue Beaubois,(not to mention Jason Terry for the in the lane dish out three’s) Paul would have a team that he can grow with and could ultimately have a team like Detroit had in the early 2000’s. Then again, who could the Mavs trade, Stevenson and Marion?


In a perfect world the Magic might be the best place for Chris Paul to go. Although Nelson and Paul would probably have to split time due to the lack of height, I’m sure the league would get a lot more exciting with Paul throwing alley oops to Big Dwight Howard and the old yet somewhat reliable knees of Vince Carter. Paul would also be a great insurance to have incase Nelson went down with a season ending injury again, but this is most likely not going to happen.


Depending on the Hornets goal of the trade (Rebuilding or not) the Blazers wouldn’t be the worst of places. Although it seems the injury bug has haunted them for the past couple of years, Portland has a very young and talented team. Any team that suffers as many injuries as they have and still made the playoffs in the West, would easily be a 4 or 5 seed in the Eastern Conference. However, with Paul’s eyes on a championship, this would only be a step closer for him to the finals but not an automatic contender like the Mavs or Magic deal would make him.

Now that you’ve read some scenarios, what do you think? Do you see Chris Paul being traded, and if so, where to?

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  • Jay

    the knicks or the magic have the best chance or most need getting cp3. but the knicks might not have any cap room left to pick up melo next year… sooo its prob. going to be the mavs


    his best bet would b the mavs & magic. then knicks.
    -mavs: because jkidd is soon to be gone & they have better pieces than the hornets do currently and will have in the future.
    -magic: if they trade nelson in the deal to get him. would be kind of dumb & odd to have both of them trying to play the same positions.
    -knicks: since they have amare and the potential to get sum trades and 2011 free agents.

  • Chenele

    This was a great artical friend.
    Im liking the Magic route for Paul personally.

  • J

    In the scenario of the Mavs or the Knicks, I’m not really understanding who either of those teams have to trade that they don’t need on the roster and that would make the deal at all palatable for NO. I am a diehard Knicks fan and I would love for CP3 to be in a Knicks jersey; I just don’t see what we have to give NO.

  • michael

    Portland they already have young super-stars for Chris to tam up with in Roy and Oden, plus they have more to give then any of the other teams they can give them the number one draft pick they got then give them Bayless a great free throw shooter and Rudy great at three’s or maybe just one of them if it really comes down to it,what about Aldridge give him away Camby can easily take his spot ; )

  • Unclechawie

    I’m liking the Mavs alot in this scenario. Caron Butler and Deshawn Stevenson are expirings and Roddy is ready to contribute, possibly even starting here in Dallas if he’s here when the season starts. Dallas also managed to keep future draft picks while stealing Dominique Jones (at 25 in the draft) who should also be ready to play this season, even as a rookie. Dallas has lots to throw at New Orleans in terms of current talent, future talent and expirings.

    I would absolutely hate to see Roddy go but when it returns the likes of Chris Paul. sign me up. Would love to See a starting line-up of Chris Paul, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki and Brendan Haywood.

  • Big7Footer

    How can Weintraub say that Portland wouldn’t be an “automatic contender” immediately if we got CP3, if the Mavs are an auto contender with him, then so is Portland. As long as Oden is healthy, not only will Portland have one of the best defenses in the league, but offense will be ridiculous with Roy, CP3, Aldridge, Oden, Matthews, etc.!!!!!!!
    BRING CP3 TO PORTLAND!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • RLJ

    I think the Lakers should make a push for Paul.

  • Come to the Knicks!!! Join Amare in making the Knicks playoff contenders again. I’m tired of just rooting for the Yankees. Another NY team needs to step up to the plate.


  • If he went to the Lakers could you imagine that Final…Lakers vs Heat

  • Joe

    Cp3 to Denver nuggets. Dump the overrated k Mart he has no offense and is overpaid. And as much as he is loved, maybe throw in JR or someone to sweeten the deal. Chris Paul to melo would be a killer combo. And with al Harrington afflalo and nene the nuggets would be looking good. All we need is a defense minded big. Shaq is old, but he is still an intimidating presence in the paint. Maybe a swing next year at Yao or another expiring big. Harrington is nice, but if we want to get our boy melo to stay, the best point guard alive cp3 needs to come to the mile high. Championships would be sure to follow.

  • cc

    I think that Chris Paul is going to get Traded to Dallas

  • cc

    I rilly do think that Chris Paul will be traded to Dallas in the next week or two.If he comes to Dallas I think that they will win the the Finals.

  • cc

    Chris Paul please come play in Dallas.

  • Rise With The Blazers Paul

  • if Cp3 comes to dallas then the Hornets will try to get rid of Okafor and Posey for butler , Beaubois, barea , stevenson , and trade exception which the mavs have alot of and some future picks, which i think finantialy would be bad for dallas but I would help them deph wise.. because Okafor could play back up 4 and posey could play back up 2 or 3. and dont forget that the mavs still have MLE which i think i would be nice to used on a shooter like eddie house for a year or two, or even bring back Josh howard( i think its almost impossible that’ll happen but you never know.) and give him the same type of deal, eather of those players would be nice to back up the 2 or the 3.. so the depth chart would look like this..PG- CP3 , Kidd. SG-terry/eddie house(if signed), dominique jones. SF-Marion, Posey, PF- Dirk , Okafor,Alexis Ajinca C- Haywood, Chandler ,Ian Mahinmi. i think that would make the mavs the deepest team in the league, and they would still have chandler as a trading chip which is huge just in case a player gets injured or the mavs would need another player ,etc.. so yes. the mavs have the best chances of getting CP3 so look out for the mavs next year if this deal happens..

  • Oh and i forgot to put that the mavs would kill the heat.. yes i said it.. the mavs would have posey, marion, okafor, haywood, chandler, Cp3, so they could throw alot of different defenders to the so called “Super Friends” ..plus.. Chris Bosh doesnt have any type of defense, and the mavs have alot of big people that would make him work on defense, and Cp3 could get pass any of their PGs easly and we all know what dirk can do..lol..

  • Hizzie

    Personally, I like CP3′ s route with the mavs. Cauz i live in New York n I think the knicks r career ruiners look at Jamal Crawford he’s been so much better with the Hawks. He could also go 2 the magic if they trade turkalo n nelson or some1. But CP3 sharing playing time with Nelson isn’t a great idea.

  • James

    Knicks dont have anything to give for Paul just cap space not enough.
    Magic has Jameer Nelson And have been in the running in the east dont really need him.Possible but would have to give alot to get him.
    Mavericks have kid and Jason Terry not enough to give Hornets
    Blazers have the most to give two expiring contracts in Joel Prysbilla,Miller which is close to Pauls salary Fernandez, batum or Oden and Bayless plus cash (Paul Allen) and draft pick. Hornets Need to shed cash so dont forget Okefur possibly James Posey will b in that deal. Also Big Jordan brand -Nike guy which 10miles from Portland and very close Larry Miller President Of Blazers.
    Only Portland has enough to offer the Hornets business wise.
    He will go to Portland!

  • Immer

    I’d like to see him go to New York.

  • atl

    cp3 come play with joe and al and shaq

  • i thnik da suns aha jk i wish

  • andrew saltz

    lets go knicks. amare, felton, paul. how much better can that get. danilo as sixth.got randalph and that other tall guy.

  • jacob sykes

    he needs to go to dallas. dallas has more potenial than the other teams you have j kidd to make up cp3 you have rookie dominique jones then you have dirk and haywood and chandler at the 5

  • cc

    I rilly do think that Chris Paul need’s to go to Dallas.I think that Dallas will get Chris Paul and the meeting today is about Chris Paul wanting out of New Oreleans so I do think he will end up in Dallas before the end of this week.

  • cc

    Chris Paul please come to Dallas.

  • http://www.thetoptenworld.com

    There is still a chance he will be traded before the trade deadline. Portland is still interested.