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Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Talks Skin Bleaching Controversy, "Fawk You All" [Audio]


Vybz Kartel, the reggae artist who recently raised eyebrows for bleaching his skin, is now explaining the method to his madness.

Earlier this morning, Kartel was interviewed  on New York’s Hot 97 morning show, and explained why he got a reverse tan.

According to the rapper, who lightened his skin color from a mocha brown color to an Ashy Larry tone, the stunt was done simply to gain shock value.

“Vybz Kartel is the artist that you can expect the unexpected from,” says the rapper. “Vybz Kartel is the outrageous artist from Jamaica that does outrageous stuff. That is why you see pictures like this.”

Though previously reported that he used some sort of cake soap to lighten his hue, Kartel is tightlipped in the interview about how he attained his newfound color, but says it’s an ancient secret.

He also went on to deny that he is promoting self-hate.

“This is not a black self-hate thing, because Vybz Kartel is a conscious black brother,” the dancehall artist adds. “Like I said before, I am an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.”

He also previously released a statment to VIBE saying one thing to his critics; “Fawk YOU.”

“I’m my own man, and as such I do my own thing. When black women stop straightening their hair and wearing wigs and weaves, when white women stop getting lip and butt injections and implants, when bald men stop getting hair transplants, and when people stop getting nose jobs and cosmetic surgery then I’ll stop using the ‘cakesoap’ and we’ll all live naturally ever after. Until then, f**k you all.”

Listen to the interview and click the page #s to see more of Vybz’ new look.

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  • Thats a damn shame.. that mess is about self hatred… if it wasnt he owuld have stayed the birth way… he looks like a damn fool.. fu*k white skin.. i damn sure dont want it!

  • typo.. would!! and again.. that mess is ridamdiculous!!


    Amen to what??? U sound stupid. Lead by example not be a follower that is just ignorant come with something of substance.
    When you bleach ur skin that tells black people that u shouldn’t love ur skin color. He does the unexpected please!!!
    What he needs to do is try and donate his time and money to the greater good of Jamaica and not cake soap. I’m Jamaican and a lot of poor people need help upa country. Build schools and medical centers. EACH ONE TEACH ONE!!! BIG UP BELFIELD, HIGHGATE, SAINT MARY ETC….

  • marshh

    wow i realized that no matter wut tone of brown he is. Kartel is still not kute to me. he raises a gud point, he did it cuzz he wanted too. fait enuff reason he duznt rlly have to answer to us

  • Ummm…Really?

    You are making yourself more at risk to get skin cancer….That’s not entertaining. Smh he looks like a zombie.

  • deecee84

    BAP BAP BAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol, this dude really tried hard to play this bleaching shyt UP didn’t he?!?!

    Talking bout ” i am an entertainer” “shock value”!!!

    GTFOH fool, we recognize when it’s black self hate goin on…..that industry is hard man….they want ya soul…….the great whites do……….and you my friend sold yours 4 cheap…….ashy ninja!!!

  • juliemango

    He makes some valid points but im surprised that a male reggae artist would bleach his skin make the change so obvious and brag about it!!!

  • Gray

    @for4real. What the heck are you talking about ?!! What he is doing is another form of self hate,period. You can’t blame the industry for any of this,he is a grown man and he describes himself as a “conscience” rapper. You can’t talk that and then turn around and cry ‘the industry made me do it!!’ if we as his fans and fellow jamaicans don’t like it then we have a right and partial duty to speak up on it,complain about it and let everyone know that it is not something that all jamaicans do or approve of. It’s a slap in our and the youths faces bc he should have thought twice before doing something so unhealthy and stupid. Jamaica is suffering right now and he takes his money to bleach out his skin instead of donating it to kids who can’t afford to pay for school. Smh

  • kazmy

    He has made some interesting and valid points but dang he looks like a perfect candidate for dawn of dead. I wonder if it is the Blue Bomber or the Ajax cake soap. I know they worked wonders on getting those whites really white.

  • The Cynic

    Who cares if other Black people love themselves? If someone has self hatred what does that do to you personally?

  • Wildcherry666

    Nicca needs to stop lying. He knows damn well he did not do it for shock value. He just got it twisted thinking he was looking good. till he got reminded that he looks like he got a damn disease . At least look good when you trying to change it up. damn.

  • Nya

    Am waw wonder why Lil wayne has not done that yet, since he loves, lighter skin complexions , expecially on women.

  • Shay

    He looks better with his darker hue-love yourself as you are don’t be a follower-you look like your gravely ill.

  • Boobookittyphuck


  • SamIam

    OMG! How stupid are you? Skin bleach will kill you. The complications from this practice are clearly documented in medical journals. In addition to shortening your life span by a few decades you will be chronically ill until your passing. He looks ashy and very ugly. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, FOOL!!!

  • platano


  • Its your choice Kartel.js live ur life

  • a.robinson

    wen white try 2 get black u say nice tan but black try 2 get light and it’s selfhatred?he just went 2 far with it 2 each his own he was’t cute dark r light

  • Lily

    No one wants to talk about it, but I see many African-American entertainers and news anchors doing the same thing: Arthel Nevell, Tyra Banks and local news reports on the Baltimore City news channels and many others. They are fading away and they look gray and dead. It is not a good look. Please stop bleaching your skin.

  • sammyboy

    nicca gone crazy,looks like he got aids and he aint no concious brother ,the only thing he talks about is the pum pum punnani n the cocky, i think he tried bleaching himself but it backfired ,nicca u black n u shud be proud of it this fool shud learn from the younger youth like romain virgo.

  • Minerva

    ALL OF YOU SHUT UP. THE WORLD SHUN DARK SKIN PEOPLE, even in Jamaica. Did you know that the Jamaica Gleaner doesn’t put dark skin people in their paper, unless they are doing something bad or begging. Anyway, 95% of black men in Jamaica need a light skin woman to feel complete. So leave Vybz alone. MOST BLACK PEOPLE DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER.

  • Minerva

    ALL OF YOU SHUT UP. THE WORLD SHUN DARK SKIN PEOPLE, even in Jamaica. Did you know that the Jamaica Gleaner doesn’t put dark skin people in their paper, unless they are doing something bad or begging. Anyway, 95% of black men in Jamaica need a light skin woman to feel complete. So leave Vybz alone. MOST BLACK PEOPLE DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER

  • Teevas

    Welp…i guess it’s settled. LOL

  • Me

    U people are all stupid.. He did what he wanted .. Leave it be.. Don’t matter what u are black, white, brown we all change things in our lives and on our bodies..to Alicia a who wrote “fu*ck white skin”, u are an idiot .. Clearly u have the issues, why even make a comment like that.. Simply uncalled for. Leave the man be. What ever color he is, it’s about his talent not his damn skin color.

  • Naida

    Still lv vybz kartel no matter what colour!Continue on!!!

  • jason

    yow man u cant diss de gazza camp he did what he did its his business you cant watch a book by its cover judge the music not the look look how micheaal jackson changed and most blacks hated him look now and the past his music is famous in both black and white . listened to mainly by the people who critisized him his the king of pop his music brought major changes he turned white and still loved everyone with equal love


    I want to be white too!!

  • Kella

    If u aint comfortable with yo body or looks and u can afford to do something about it then go ahead.Whats the point of feeling misarable just to please other people.

  • peetah


  • Ramu

    AHOOOO Kartel sicker dan eva. long liv Vybz….

  • minnie

    Thats so stupied.. Let me get this.. You bleached your skin a horrible color to cause attention in hopes people would stop striaghting hair,etc? Thats the dumbest thing.. Why do you think the world would stop for you? People are going to do what ever makes them happy. Why should you interupt that? Why should your happiness only count? If your so against it why go through it? You just confuse some viewers and in some cases incourage. If you didnt like it then date women who are natural. Date your liking but dont force people to your liking. I wonder if people with the same views as him still accept him