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Transformers The Movie

Source: Sunbow / Hasbro

The new live-action Transformers films are fun and all, but we gotta be real and say they still don’t live up to the original animated film from 1986.

Now 70’s and 80’s babies will be able to relive the classic film in all its glory as Hypebeast is reporting that the animated film will once again hit theaters this September in celebration of its 35th anniversary. Starring Peter Gullen as the voice of Optimus Prime and Judd Nelson (he was big in the 80s) as the voice of Hot Rod, Transformers: The Movie took a generation of children on an animated adventure in the theater that 20 minutes of TV just couldn’t do at the time.

Aside from the countless action scenes and surprising death of a fan favorite hero (no spoilers), the film introduced us to a new heroic leader of the Autobots and inspired us to believe that we too can become glorious one day…if we ever found a Matrix lying around somewhere anyway.

Check out the OG trailer to Transformers: The Movie and let us know if you’ll be heading down to the movie theater come September 26 and 28 when it’s screened one last time for the heads.