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The R. Kelly trial in Brooklyn just started, and it’s already been the gift of gossip that keeps on giving—no pun intended. The disgraced R&B crooner’s lawyers are requesting that the charges related to R. Kelly passing on STD’s to his victims be dropped.

Good luck with that.

TMZ reports that R’s counsel is citing a technicality to get the charges tossed. Reportedly, the legal docs file the Eastern District of NY, R. Kelly’s team is asking that the charge that he knowingly exposed sexual partners to herpes get tossed because the law being cited doest include herpes because it’s “Not An Acute, Bacterial Venereal Disease.”

So Team Pied Piper is basically saying herpes shouldn’t count. Again, good luck with that.

The prosecution tacked on the herpes charges that accused R’uh of exposing a pair of people to the STD back in March 2020. Those other fed charges including the trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors.

And that’s just in Brooklyn as R. Kelly has another trial that will be going down in Chicago. Recently, R. Kelly claimed he was broke.

If found guilty, R. Kelly is looking at anywhere from 10 years to life behind bars.