Waka Flocka Quitting Rap

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka is fed up with the rap game.

Yesterday, the “O Let’s Do It” rapper took to Twitter to make the following announcement:

While fans spent the following hours debating the validity of the Flocka’s retirement tweet, obtained an exclusive statement from the rapper’s mother and manager, Debra Antney:

RumorFix has confirmed that rapper Waka Flocka Flame is quitting the music business.

Waka’s mom and manager, Debra Antney, tells RumorFix exclusively, “He talking about quitting. He’s sick of this. We all are.”

Debra, who is the Kris Jenner of the rap world, tells us, “We’re all disgusted with this stuff. You can’t trust people.”

She says Waka isn’t touring or recording right now and that they are reestablishing their relationship as mom and son — as opposed to manager and musician.

Prior to his retirement announcement, Flocka Flame was working on a collaboration album with Gucci Mane, Ferrari Boyz, as well as a sophomore album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, & Family.

Despite rumors and reports, we doubt the 25-year-old rapper will actually retire.

A rapper throwing out  hasty claims of retirement is nothing new in the rap business, right Weezy?

We’ll see what happens in about six months.

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