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Rapper Tyga is causing controversy after posting a photo of himself “planking” on top of his $400,000 car.

As previously reported, “planking” is the term for the “lying down game”, a fad where people lay face down and stiff as a board in odd places and take pictures.

The rapper posted a picture Thursday of him planking on top of his Maybach with the caption,

“#MaybachPlankin #KingShyte”


After his followers criticized him for taking part in the trend the rapper wrote,

“Honestly the meaning behind it is sad but we just Havin funnnn #Shame.”

As previously reported, Xzbibit shunned people for giving in to the growing trend arguing that its roots come from slavery.

“Planking is the dumbest s**t ever. Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, it’s not funny. Educate yourselves.

“Don’t get it twisted. I care less where your dumb a**es lay face down and take pictures of the s**t, I’m just telling you where it came from.

According to Camilo Smith at while there’s no clear correlation between planking and slavery, the book Upon these Shores: Themes in the African-American Experience, 1600 to the Present mentions it saying,

“Some ships had tiny bunks, really nothing more than shelves, on which slaves could recline; in others, the slaves lay side by side on the planking, rolling with the ship, bodies virtually touching, for weeks on end.”

Still intrigued by “planking?”

Check out some other celebs getting in on the trend below.

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