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Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty arrive at Fendi Prints On at Fendi in Beverly Hills

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Nicki Minaj’s husband has been dogged by allegations of sexual abuse of a minor for a while now and it seems like he’s preparing to fight back against the state of New York for putting him on it’s sex offender registry.

TMZ is reporting that Kenneth Petty is demanding to have his name taken off the registry and is suing New York State for doing so without so much as informing him of the move saying he never got his day in court to challenge the move. Petty says he was incarcerated when the hearing went down back in 2004 and never got a notice that it was happening.

“Petty claims the notice of the hearing was sent to an address where he didn’t live — because he was in prison at the time — and alleges the “Kenny Petty” signature on the bottom is a forgery.”

“Petty claims whoever did it also answered that he would not be attending the hearing. So, according to the new suit, Petty claims he never got his constitutional right to due process to challenge the risk level assigned to him.”

After being put on the sex offender registry, Petty was categorized as a level 2 offender and according to him has been subjected to humiliation and financial loss because of it. He now wants his name removed so he can go about his life without that dark cloud hanging over his head.

Whether or not it’ll happen remains to be seen, but now that he has access to Nicki’s bank account he definitely has the funds to fight this to the bitter end.

Good luck with allll that, b.