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Fat Joe has been living his best life, recently celebrating a birthday and a recap of the Dipset vs. The LOX battle that went battle. But also including in his recent itinerary is addressing allegations that he’s a snitch—which he vehemently denies.

Recently, former Terror Squad member Cuban Link hit Al Gore’s Internets to accuse Joe Crack of being an informant. Link even said he has paperwork that proves Joe is the Op.

Link dropped a pair of posts, one of them being a link to Star of Star & Bucwild fam’s YouTube show The Star Report where he referenced paperwork, but also noted that it wasn’t verified. That didn’t stop Cuban Link from running with it like it was fact, though.

“Fat joe exposed on snitching charges,” wrote Cuban Link. “Big shout out to star for reporting the truth and keeping it [100] percent across the board!!! Now you might understand why I couldn’t get along with that animal but I guess let’s wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork..but like I said I’m just gonna sit back and watch the pale beluga whale get Brought in to shore by the rest of the fisherman!!”

Taking to Instagram himself, and beginning by playing Calloway’s “I Wanna Be Rich,” Joe proceeded to defend his honor and dismiss the allegations against him.

Basically, Joe chalked up to Jealous Ones Still showing Envy. He also stressed the paperwork was phoney. “This is the most fabricated fale paperwork I have ever seen in the history of mankind. This is like disgusting,” said Joe.

Also worth noting, the first sentence in the alleged paperwork, besides claiming he admitted to selling crack, it says it’s how he got the Joey Crack nickname. But actually, he got the nickname because of his sagging pants, and he started tagging “Crack” in graffiti in the Bronx. So off top, that looks suspect, just saying.