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Cuban Link Blasts Joell Ortiz Again

Cuban Link said his comments on Joell Ortiz’s “Big Pun’s Back” freestyle were final but after he was not allowed to go on Hot 97 FM and speak on his feelings he decided to breakdown three reasons why the lyrics were disrespectful.

Joell may have been trying to do a tribute to Pun but Cuban sees it in another way and he points out the lines that validate his opinion in this clip.

“First of all, duke said the new Christopher Lee Rios of rap,” Link explained. “That you want to be the new Christopher Lee Rios. You already want to be like my man — You supposed to be giving love, but you want to be the new. You taking the spot or something. When I don’t even feel like you’re in the same realm as him.”

Cuban does show love to Joell by saying that he is a strong lyricist but he may have been trying to get radio rotation and push his career with this recording.

“Second strike, you gonna say in your second verse, ’45 will hit you like a heart attack.’ For real? You’re going to use the word ‘heart attack’ on my brother’s song? You giving him love, but yet you gon’ put that word heart attack? He died of a heart attack.”

That’s a tough one to dispute right there. Maybe the Slaughterhouse emcee should have chosen his words more carefully when doing a tribute song. That would be similar to Meek Mill mentioning a drive-by shooting in Vegas on “Tupac Back.” Or maybe Cuban is reading too hard into the punchlines.

“Third of all, you biggin’ up my enemy, you biggin’ up our enemy. For all these years, n*ggas already seen me go in on issues about the whole Terror Squad and Joe situation,” Link ranted.

All Mr. Ortiz knew was that Fat Joe was Pun’s twin at the time of his death. It would be tough to try to calculate who is still on Joe’s side today, the song is about Pun.

Cuban Link does have a right to his opinion and thanks to the world wide web he doesn’t need to get booked on radio to voice it.

Do you think his 3 strikes are valid?