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Madea Creator Tyler Perry Talks Pregnancy and Children

Tyler Perry opened up to Ebony magazine about a pregnancy scare he had last year and says he would love to leave his legacy to some offspring.

Perry didn’t reveal the identity of his special lady but he admitted that this is the longest relationship he’s been involved in in a long time.

“This isn’t the reason to have children, but it would be really sad to work this hard to build something and not be able to pass it on to my junior, to my sons, to my daughters,” Tyler told Ebony magazine.

He went on to speak about possibly having a child of his own. “Back in December, when we thought we were having a kid, I got a little overwhelmed…Now, I got overwhelmed when I first got a dog because I knew I was responsible for this living creature. So think how I reacted to the thought of having a child.”

Tyler also spoke about his issues with Spike Lee and said he was through with their timultuous relationship.

As previously reported Perry was quoted saying ”

“Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me.”


Now Perry’s marching to a different tune and tells Ebony he’s ready to let bygones be bygones.

“I believe Spike can do what he does and I can do what I do… There’s room for more than one of us in every industry and the moment we embrace that as a society, we can get past all this stuff.”

No word on how Spike Lee feels about this.