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When most rappers first come into the game, they are usually backed by some sort of group of lyricists.  50 Cent has G-Unit.  Nelly has the St. Lunatics.  Fabolous has Street Family, and so on. 

Philly rapper Cassidy has been known to proclaim, ‘Throw your L’s in the sky’, representing his own group known as Larsiny Family.  Members of the group were also featured on the last album from “The Problem”, B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story.

Cassidy must now formerly be a member as Akbar, who has been featured on tracks with the rapper, is showcased via video with a group of affiliates all expressing some sort of hate towards “the Hustler.”  Feeling like some type of mutiny, it seems that the crew has taken the thrown from underneath Cassidy.  Quoting Beanie Sigel, hopefully the lyrical assault that they give the rapper isn’t really “What A Thug About.”

“We’re gonna chop your Fawkin’ head off with a Fawkin’ machete.”

Established as a group of friends from North Philadelphia, the group was able to catch their first break when Cassidy was signed to Ruff Ryders back in 1998.  Their track record has spawned mixtapes such as Put Ya L’s In The Sky and 100 Bars Mixtape. 

Friends are not meant for the music industry and that is now evident as time progresses.  Whether it be the money or the fame, it is survival of the fittest once the spotlight hits.  Blood may be thicker than water, but nothing can be held above greenbacks.

This article speaks about the rapper, but it has more to do with the new trend of Internet thugs, which has clearly gotten out of hand.  Whatever anybody might come to believe, there is absolutely nothing street or hood about talking trash and flashing guns over the camera.  Whoever thought that flexing muscle through videotape was a way to show how “gangsta” they are was clearly under the influence of something.  Unfortunately, this doped up catalyst had sparked an unimaginable following.

Point, blank, period, you are not who you say you are.  Giving N***as a camera was by far the stupidest thing ever thought of because they are clearly too busy trying to promote violence when the red light comes on.  Too many people, in particular Black rappers, want to speak about it, but never be about it.  For anyone that wonders why the culture and society has set itself so far back, look no further than the dumb things that it continues to participate in. 

“And now that that’s that Lets talk about the future

We have just seen the dream as predicted by Martin Luther

Now you could choose ta Sit in front of your computa

Posin’ with guns Shootin YouTube up”