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Police Say Safaree Samuels Hit Nicki Minaj With Suitcase

Although Nicki Minaj and her “assistant” Safaree Samuels have taken to Twitter to deny the claims, Dallas police report that an incident did take place between the two.

As previously reported, TMZ broke the news that Nicki Minaj was struck in the lip by an unidentified man who many believed to be her friend/hypeman Safaree Samuels.

Since then both Minaj and Samuels took to Twitter Wednesday to vehemently deny the reports.

Now however The Dallas Observer has obtained the official incident report that names Samuels as the previously “unidentified man” and details an incident involving a suitcase to the face.

The Dallas Observer reports,

“Minaj and a 28-year-old black male by the name of Safaree Samuels were involved in an argument at the Hotel Palomar’s pool. Later, they returned to Minaj’s room, where the two were staying together. There, the argument continued, at which point Samuels apparently decided to leave, taking with him a suitcase that belonged to Minaj but that contained personal belongings of his. When Minaj protested, Samuels picked up the suitcase and “shoved it across [Minaj’s] chin and lower lip.”

Samuels then left the scene and did not return. At that point, a hotel employee called the police and fire department at Minaj’s request, and, upon their arrival, Minaj was treated for bleeding on the inside of her lower lip. She declined to file charges against Samuels who has still not been found.”

The Observer also notes that according to Minaj’s license which was used for the report, she’s 28, not 26 as she claims.

A previous police report named “Rex Chevalier” as the man involved in the incident.

That name was incorrect however and the DPD now reports that Samuels was the one who “shoved” the suitcase in Minaj’s face, not Chevalier.


The incident report is below courtesy of The Dallas Observer.

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