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Kelly Price Says She "Flatlined" While Battling COVID-19 In The Hospital

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Kelly Price has finally broken her silence.

If you have been under a rock, famed singer, Kelly Price was the talk of social media for the last few days after Georgia police declared her missing following a welfare check. Fans and the Grammy-nominated singer’s family became worried after she went “missing” after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Speaking exclusively with TMZ, the 48-year old singer revealed in an emotional interview that her bout with COVID-19 was severe and that she “flatlined” as doctors worked to save her life.

“At some point, they lost me. I woke up a couple of days, and the first thing I remember was the doctors standing around me asking me if I knew what year it was,” Price said, revisiting the terrifying ordeal. When asked by the interviewer to explain what she meant by “they lost me,” she said, “I died.”

Following her sharing the news of her having the highly contagious virus on Instagram in July, Price revealed to TMZ that she was battling COVID-19 for a week before she decided to check herself into a hospital. With help from her husband, while consulting with her doctor virtually, Price treated her symptoms at home until they became worse. “My temperature had raised to 103 [degrees], and my breathing was extremely shallow.”

Despite escaping the clutches of death, Price revealed to TMZ that she is not out of the woods yet is battling the after-effects of the virus despite being free of it. “I have what is called long COVID, and I am facing a very uphill battle right now,” Kelly said while shedding tears. “I suffered a lot of internal damage, and so I have a lot of rehabbing to do before I am able to be concert-ready again.”

As for the million-dollar question? Where has she been all this time? She revealed she wasn’t home because she couldn’t recuperate from the virus in peace due to fans showing up at her home. “I literally left my house maybe a week ago because I couldn’t rest there,” she said. “I turned off everything.”

As for the claims from her sister, and the timeline she shared when it came to the last time she saw her, Price called her sibling’s claims cap. “It hasn’t been two months since I’ve seen my sister. It’s been a year,” she explained. “I haven’t been in the same room as her since my mother’s funeral. Prior to that we hadn’t seen each other all pandemic long. That’s not new for us. We’ve been strained for a very long time.”

She also shot down any claims that she was missing, “I was never missing … everyone in my family knew exactly where I was. It’s very disappointing that things came to this.” We’re just glad that she is safe, and the rest of this family drama resolves itself.

You can watch the entire interview below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty