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DJ Mustard has revised his studio rules after facing backlash over what many deemed was doing too much, especially rule number one, in which he boldly proclaimed that visitors may not be granted entry if they are “F–KING UGLY.”

On Monday (Sept 27), Mustard dropped the updated list, revealing that while he still kept the requirement for looks, he removed the harsh f-bomb for rule No. 1. The 10 Summers Record founder shared the 2.0 edition of his studio policies in response to a number of comments he received regarding the harshness of the list’s delivery over something so subjective and petty,  the “ugly” rule, as well as the stated gym-hitting requirement.

“Do not come in here if you’re f–king ugly,” DJ Mustard wrote, “If you did not hit th gym today, go the f–k home.”

In an italicized message preceding the unveiling of the updated list of rules, Mustard said this tweaked assortment was for “all you haters on the internet that’ll prolly never ever make it to my studio,” before revealing a list with the previous rules, just a less harsh delivery.

The list indeed opens with “DO NOT COME IN MY STUDIO IF YOU UGLY.” From there, Mustard again advises against gym-averse studio visitors and “negative Nancy b–ch sh-t.” Followed by text attached to the “ugly” opener, with Mustard claiming the rule “has nothing to do with how you look” but is instead all about “the energy” of what a person is putting out.

One of the rules that drew the biggest reaction from fans was Mustard banning anyone who didn’t go to the gym the same day they come to his studio. Although Mustard has been living a healthier lifestyle and working out, fans dragged him for making such a rule when he’s struggled with weight issues in the past.

“The rule is to motivate,” he wrote under the gym rule. “I’m not perfect…but I’m not who I was back then… I’m always trying to better myself…And yes, I hit the gym every day. And post some new pics of me or I will sue yo ass for defamation of character Lmao!!”

Mustard also took time out to single out a few of his followers who had something to say about his list by tapping into his petty side and posting a few roasting shots via his Instagram Story, going toe to toe with a response for each of their disrespectful comments.

Check out DJ Mustard’s roast below.