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Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins...

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This isn’t Donald Trump’s FBI, that’s for sure.

On Tuesday (Oct. 5), the Federal Bureau of Investigation took everyone off guard when it was being reported that they raided the home of a very senior NYPD Union Chief, Ed Mullins. Though no details were given at the time, it’s possible that Mullins was participating in mail and wire fraud, which caused the FBI to put their eye on his alleged shenanigans.

According to NYMag, Mullins has since resigned from his post as the Sergeants Benevolent Association president as it seems he may in fact be in some deep doo-doo. Agents who conducted the raid were seen making off with Mullin’s computer gear and boxes of documents possibly pertaining to his criminal activity.

This is the same man who has a history of racist behavior and even praised Donald Trump traveling down to Washington D.C. to show his admiration to the former Racist-In-Chief.

“Mullins has frequently made offensive comments on race and crime, once comparing an arrested NFL player to a “wild animal.” Many of these comments came from the official SBA Twitter account, which Mullins controls, and included calling Representative Richie Torres “a first class whore” and Dr. Oxiris Barbot, then the city’s health commissioner, a “bitch.” In another, the Civilian Complaint Review Board is called “a disgrace” for a tweet reminding New Yorkers about their Fourth Amendment rights, which protect them from unlawful search and seizure. Last year, the SBA account posted the arrest report on Chiara de Blasio, the mayor’s daughter, which included personal information such as her birth date and home address.”

This raid couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Needless to say had Donnie still been in office we doubt the FBI would’ve made a move on Mullins like this.

While Mullins could be innocent on all charges (ha!), the man has decided it best that he stepped down from his position while everything plays out. Don’t be surprised if sooner or later he takes his Trumpian ways to another part of town and runs for office in some way, shape or form though.