The white man who beat a black woman outside a Georgia Cracker Barrel restaurant is being charged with a felony. Troy Dale West Jr. was indicted today on felony charges.

The Associated Press reports that West faces one count each of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and first-degree cruelty to children under the indictment filed in Clayton County Superior Court. He also faces two counts of battery and disorderly conduct which are misdemeanors.

Police and patrons at Cracker Barrel claim that West brutally beat 35-year-old Army Reservist, Tashawnea Hill, in front of her 7-year old daughter. West beat her with a closed fist and kicked her repeatedly while yelling racial slurs. The beating was so violent that she was left  temporarily unconscious and had to recieve medical treatment.

Police say the man became enraged after Hill told him to be careful after opening the door and nearly hitting her daughter. The blatantly racist bigot claims that Hill spit him on but patrons who watched idly by refute that statement.

Cracker Barrel issued a statement last Wednesday condemning the incident and banning West from visiting their restaurants for life.