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“Supreme, lyrical beings.”-Keith Murray

Sometimes in life, greatness is acknowledged, but is never truly recognized and respected.  In the game of Hip-Hop there have been many formidable rappers that have never been able to fully shine the way they were supposed due to the overall politics and BS that surround the music.

They saying of united we stand, divided we fall comes to mind in instances such as this where artists cannot build themselves individually, but can shake the foundation with someone by their side.  Slaughterhouse, comprised of individual lyricists with bad breaks in the industry, is a testament to that statement.

A new duo emerges in the form of Undergods, which is made up of rappers Canibus and Keith Murray who are both respected for their mic presence and their ability to rhyme, but have never been given the proper outlet in their solo careers.

In an interview with John Public, Canibus breaks down the concept of their alias.

“Essentially the name symbolizes underground, then we gods with it.  Just the aspect where we have been rhyming since the incision of our careers, even though they happened at different times.  We have mastered certain aspects of lyricism and Hip-Hop…We mixed it up that way”

The history between the two stretches back to 1995 as different career paths blocked the potential of them actually coming together earlier.  One request to have both artists on a track set everything in motion as Murray stated that he was able to get in touch with Canibus from there and get the ball rolling. 

“Cuz we were given the green light to go in and do the record our way, what came out was organic,” said Canibus.  “The result is an album that would have happened no matter what was going on in the economy or the world around us.  We went in the studio like it was a submarine and we did a two week bid and finished 20 records.  We did more than that, but 20 is what’s coming for the album, after they drop the EP.”

Currently the group has two street records out bubbling “Undergods” and “Die Big Time” which features another superior lyricist in the form of West Coast rapper Crooked I.  They are in the process of linking up with Tech Nine to go on tour, which has also been rumored to feature Slaughterhouse.  As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.