An independent investigation launched in the aftermath of Oscar Grant’s murder by the hands of seemingly a solitary transit authority officer has shed light on several new details surrounding the incident.

At the cost of $250,000, a private investigation firm looking into the shooting has uncovered the dealings of transit officers whose misdeeds contributed to Grant’s death.

Tony Pirone and Marysol Domenici are facing termination for their role in the fatal shooting that transpired on New Year’s Day, with the independent report recommending that both officer be fired.

Both officers are currently on paid leave and have been since the incident.

Pirone was the officer that was seen either punching or “elbowing” Grant while he was on the ground. Soon after the unarmed Black man was viciously murdered in cold blood as Officer Johannes Mehserle fired into him as he laid on the ground.

In the face of the blatantly racist attack, BART Police Chief Gary Gee is sticking by his subordinates.

“I will say that all the officer who responded to the incident at around 2 a.m. at Fruitvale station followed protocol,” said Oakland Transit Authority’s top cop. “I thought that they performed their duties in a professional manner.”

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