Vincent McGee Sentenced To 65 Years


A Black man convicted of stabbing and burning a prominent White supremacist will spend 65 years behind bars for the crime.

As previously reported, Vincent McGee a Black man from Rankin, Mississippi confessed to killing 67-year-old Richard Barrett.

According to CNN, McGee told police that he went to check his Facebook account at the White supremacist’ house who help him set it up, even taking pictures for him to use.

On the night of April 21, 2010 however, McGee said he snapped after Barrett made sexual advances at him, even pulling down his pants and ordering him to perform a sex act while McGee used the Internet at his house.

McGee told authorities he became so enraged that he stabbed him till he “stopped moving”, 16 times in total.

He then later returned and burned the body and the house in a cover up effort.

On Thursday, McGee pleaded guilty to manslaughter, arson and burglary, a plea that ultimately avoided a lengthy trial.

A circuit judge gave him all maximum sentences with the plea bargain; 20 years for manslaughter, 20 years for arson and 25 years for the burglary all of which are consecutive.

His victim John Barrett traveled the country sharing his anti-Black and anti-immigration ideas and cofounded the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist organization.


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