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John Boyega Talks “Attack The Block”

British actor John Boyega wants you to know that a film about South London juveniles fighting aliens is more than what meets the eye.

Yes, there are gory fight scenes with gorilla-sized Martians taking on wide-eyed kids—blood splatter and coarse language included, but it’s all in good fun.

This rising star whose inspired by Idris Elba and Andrew Garfield, ultimately wants viewers to enjoy themselves when they take to theaters to see “Attack The Block”, the British science fiction horror film in which he plays the lead role.

“I would love for people to have fun, just have fun. Cheer, laugh and jump. It’s scary, it’s a horror action based comedy and it’s just a great night out at the cinema. I just want people to enjoy this project.”

Boyega, plays the role of Moses, a leader of a five-man teen troupe who causes mayhem in the streets unbeknownst to their caretakers who all live in the same flat.

According to Boyega, Moses finds himself at a crossroads and in the end has to choose between good and evil.

In “Attack The Block” you see Moses go from relishing in street life and criminal behavior (the film opens with a robbery), to saving the world after a catalyst of events leads to an extraterrestrial invasion.

Viewers will watch Moses grow up before their eyes.

“Moses is a character who’s trying to decide between the right path and the wrong path. All that is interrupted by an alien invasion which is caused by him and all that just shows how a hood would handle an alien invasion if it were to happen,” says Boyega.

“I live in south London and I liked the way it made my area, my home so cinematic. The story wasn’t cliché, wasn’t stereotypical…the characters are human, they’re kids. Those to me were some of the rich qualities in this script.”

The young talent with hopes of working with Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and Denzel Washington, will hit the big screen next in “Junkhearts”, another low budget movie based on a soldier suffering from posttraumatic stress that he describes as “a very deep hearted, dark film.”

And when he’s not slaying aliens or playing out stressed out militaries, the bright celeb remains humble behind a drum set at his father’s church.

With dreams of ultimately landing the role of a young super hero, the sky’s the limit for Boyega.

Make sure you check out John Boyega in the Winner Of The Audience Award at the SXSW 2011 & L.A. Film Festival, “Attack The Block.”

ATB opens in select theaters today (July 29) across the country.