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A.E. Apologizes To Amber Rose For Cheating On Her

Source: Alexander Tamargo / Getty

Kanye West is not the only person on the internet begging for his wife back.

Amber Rose’s current ex-boyfriend, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, is hopped on social media to say sorry for being a “f***boy” will help him get back in Rose’s good graces. In a post shared in his Instagram stories, Edwards apologized to his “wife” for the “pain” he caused, pleading to get his family back.

“I want to sincerely apologize to my beautiful wife @amberrose. You didn’t deserve what I did to you,” he wrote. “You’re an Amazing person and a wonderful mother to our boys. I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you, my son Slash and my stepson Sebastian.”

A.E. did more begging than your favorite R&B artist on a song promising to do whatever it takes to make things right. “All I want is my family back, and I’m willing to do anything to make things right. Please Forgive me.”

Amber Rose kicked A.E. to the curb in August after sharing that he allegedly cheated on her with over 12 women. A.E. admitted to stepping out on the mother of his 2-year-old son Slash Electric.

“I’m tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes,” Rose said. “All 12 of y’all bums( The ones that I know of there’s probably more) can have him. Y’all very much knew he was in a relationship with a baby, and y’all decided to f**k him anyway.”

Rose, who is no stranger to being cheated on, confirmed A.E.’s infidelity was the straw that broke the camel’s back. “I can’t be the only one fighting for my family anymore. I’ve been so loyal and transparent, but I haven’t gotten the same energy in return,” she said. “The lack of loyalty and the disrespect is ridiculous, and I’m done.”

Rose has not yet responded to A.E’s apology. Based on her initial response, we won’t be shocked if she doesn’t.

Photo: Alexander Tamargo / Getty