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Culture appropriation works both ways. Asian Doll is now being called out for hosting an “Indian-themed” birthday party next week.

As spotted on Madam Noire the Dallas, Texas native is turning 25 years old this month. In celebration of her big moment she will be throwing herself a very unique bash.

This week she announced the Asian Doll “Escapes to India” Birthday Party. While at first glance the name of the party didn’t cause folks any heartburn it was actually the event details that struck a nerve many people online. “BIRTHDAY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA, RED CARPET, LIVE PERFORMANCES, SO MANY CELEBRITY FRIENDS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE, HOOKAH, LIVE MUSIC, (MUST BE IN INDIA CLOTHES TO ENTER)” the invite read.

And the reference to Indian dress code was further clarified by photos of cookie cutter Bollywood outfits you could find at your local Party City. Not only does this type of garb does not represent the entire Indian community people it also incorporated Arabic culture which is a big no no. Naturally people were not pleased and quickly placed a culture appropriation jacket firmly on her shoulders.

“Asian doll is reducing Indian culture to Bollywood, generalizing and mixing different cultures disrespectfully, disrespectful toward native americans+others, as much as she claims to like Indian culture she’s not appreciating, she’s appropriating” someone wrote on Twitter. Many were also quick to remind the masses that the rapper once said Indian food looked disgusting. Yikes.

The sharp feedback got back to Asian Doll and offered what many deemed a half hearted apology saying “If I offended anyone I’m sorry 😞

I’m still having my party tho just come as you are 💕” at first but then tweeting “You bi***es live on my d*** as I continuously do whatever tf I want to do with no apologies”.

Tickets for her birthday bash can be purchased here; if you’re into that kind of thing.