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Asian Doll is continuing her mission to keep King Von‘s name clear of drama.

On Sunday (Nov 29), the “Come Find Me” rapper took to Instagram Live to end any rumored before with Louisiana native, NBA Youngboy, before revealing that both she and King Von have upcoming features with the “Toxic” rapper.

“I got a song with YoungBoy,” Asian Doll said. “Von got a song with Youngboy. Who the opp? Only ops is you opp ass people in our Muthaf**kin’ business, b**ch. Back to my Muthaf**kin’ story, b**ch.”

Asian Doll went on to confirm that not only were the rumors of beef false, but she also points out that the gossip lacks validity, before calling out fans for attempting to keep the imaginary beef going.

“This n**ga talkin’ ’bout the Muthaf**kin’ ops. That ain’t even his ops. Get your clown ass on. You don’t even know what the f**k you talkin’ ’bout. That’s how y’all know you just talkin’. Y’all just makin’ up all this sh*t in y’all Muthaf**kin’ head ’cause that sh*t sounds good and that sh*t look good but it ain’t that.”

Asian Doll’s frustration with the rumors are valid, considering King Von spoke out about the made-up rift one day prior to his passing. During an interview with Akademiks, the “O Block” rapper deaded any beef talks with NBA Youngboy, stating that the rumors were “nothing to worry about.”

“Nah it’s the internet, gang,” King Von said. “They’ll try to make it like that ’cause it’s the internet, you feel what I’m saying? And then you know how females is. Females will try to make it like that ’cause they females and they’ll try to make it like one muthaf**ka f**k with one muthaf**ka hard. It be just all type of sh*t. But it ain’t nothing sincere, nothing that you should worry about.”