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Rapper Asian Doll Reveals She Supports Donald Trump, Twitter Clowns Her

Source: Scott Dudelson / Getty

Kanye West isn’t the only Donald Trump-supporting rapper. Asian Doll let it be known that she is throwing her support behind the super-spreader-in-chief.

Asian Doll, not to be confused with the other rappers with Doll in their rap monikers, is catching heat after revealing she rocks with Donald Trump. With the upcoming presidential election just days away, the “Pull Up” rapper let it be known she is down with MAGA and shared a very head*ss reason for rocking with the orange menace.

“I f*ck with the n*gga Trump because the n*gga giving out a lot of money right now. I get my money in different ways, so I be around a lot of people who get they money in different ways too, and they is up.” 

Nevermind the mind all the racist dog-whistling he does, ignore his poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic crippling the country, or his administration’s terrible immigration policies. As long as she is getting money, it’s all good. Asian Doll tried to clear her up ridiculousness in a now-deleted follow-up tweet, which didn’t really help her case stating:

“If you rock with me & I offended you, I’m sorry I only care if I hurt people who genuine love me fr [100] I was having a high conversation & tweeted bout it VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTS.” 

She tried to both sides the argument in another tweet adding “F*ck both of them at the end of the day but Shid we got 2 choices I was just saying cause it’s time to vote…..DAM,” closing out her argument with “I rather Trump be the president than that other dude (Joe Biden) fasho.”

Absolutely ridiculous.

Well, her support for Trump earned her a well-deserved dragging on Twitter.

No lies detected in these reactions.

We here at Hip-Hop Wired fully support everyone exercising their right to vote, BUT it’s clear as day that Donald Trump is not fit to run this country. No $1,200 stimulus check can repair the damage Donald Trump has done to the country. You can peep more reactions to Asian Doll’s foolishness in the gallery below.

Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty

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3. Its okay sis there other better rappers out there.

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