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Kanye West

Source: Splash / Splash News

Kanye West seems to be living in his own world these days in which he walks on water and is happy to be a tool of the oppressive Republican party, but does that mean he’s excluded from quarantine protocols when it comes to traveling too?

Recently the bipolar rapper took a trip to the UK with his 7-year-old daughter, North West and though any and everyone traveling to across the pond are required to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival, NME is reporting that Yeezy and his team were walking the streets of London as if they’re not from a country where the Coronavirus has infected millions of people.

Seemingly ignoring quarantine rules so he and his firstborn could attend the Bottega Veneta fashion show this past Friday night, many people were rightfully upset that Yeezus didn’t have to comply with the country’s COVID regulations while everyday people must abide by them or face fines of up to £1,000 ($1,303). That’s basically walking around pocket change to the self-proclaimed billionaire but still, what the heck, man?

Though people were obviously outraged at the VIP treatment that Kanye got upon his trip, it seems like he might actually be exempt from having to abide by the rules as his “job” falls under a certain category.

According to government guidelines, certain jobs qualify for exemptions from self-isolation following international travel for work.

Among the list of exceptions, West could claim he qualifies as a “representative of a foreign country” as an active US presidential candidate – and his and North’s Friday night outing in ‘VOTE KANYE’ hoodies could be interpreted as him being on the campaign trail.

That’s some BS, but what can you do?

Though Kanye has absolutely no chance whatsoever of becoming President due to him not being eligible to be on ballots in most states in the US, the man the Republican party is depending on to syphon Black votes away from Joe Biden is still acting as if he’s really in the race and using that to his advantage much to the chagrin of everyone that isn’t a Trump supporter.

2020 is a helluva year, b.