Waka Flocka Sued

Waka Flocka is the subject of a new lawsuit now that a fan claims the rapper owes him punitive damages and money for his medical bills.

As previously reported six men were arrested in February in connection with a North Carolina shooting near the rapper’s tour bus.

Police report that Flocka was in Charlotte and having a stereo installed in his tour bus when bullets rang out aimed at the rap star.

Members of Waka’s security reportedly fired back and Waka and several of his accomplices were detained but not arrested.

One of the six men that was arrested however was 20-year-old Antonio Stukes who was struck in the shoulder by the rapper’s security.

Now Stukes has filed a lawsuit against Flocka asking him to cover over $10,000 in his medical bills and pay him in punitive damages.

According to a report by, Stukes believes Waka’s bodyguards exercised gross negligence by firing at him and forced him to ring up medical bill, incur lost wages and loss of freedom.

Stuke’s attorney, Matthew E. Flatow,  tells RumorFix he’ll ask for a “very substantial amount” and adds,

“Mr. Waka Flocka Flame has absolutely no remorse for his actions or those of his entourage and does not take responsibility at all.”

Stukes claims to be an aspiring rapper and says he was shot at by security when he was simply trying to give his demo tape to his idol.

Waka’s legal team has yet to respond.

The aspiring rap star is therefore asking the judge to rule in his favor.

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