Breast Cancer Patient Denied Medicaid Because Of Gender

A breast cancer patient in Charleston, SC who did not have insurance was denied treatment through a state Medicaid program because he was a man.

According to reports by ABC Action News:

Only 26-years-old, Raymond Johnson of Charleston, South Carolina decided to have a exam after feeling a lump, thinking that it was probably just a cyst, ABC NEWS 4 reports.

To his surprise, he was diagnosed with breast cancer, a rare condition that only one in 100 men will get per year.

As a tile layer, he didn’t make enough money to afford an insurance plan.

A patient advocate, Susan Appelbaum, had him apply for the state Medicaid program, believing that he’d qualify. But he’d received a rejection notice instead, citing that the program was for women only.

With each treatment totaling around $10,000, the bills are quickly piling up.

“Right now I’m stuck with these bills and I’m trying to find a way,” said Raymond, who just underwent his second round of chemotherapy at Roper Saint Francis Hospital.

Appelbaum has contacted lawmakers in hopes of getting the Medicaid rule changed.

Cancer of any kind, male or female, is a serious matter, so lets pray this brother pulls through without any complications, both physical and financial, and that the Medicaid program get changed in his favor.

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