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Stevie Williams For 9five Eyewear

Professional street skateboarder Stevie Williams has gone from a dirty ghetto kid to building a leading skate board brand pronounced DGK with the motto “from nothing to something.”

The world renown skateboarder, has created a brand strong enough to foster collaborations with G-Shock, New Era, Venture Trucks, Gold Wheels, 9Five Eyewear and prepping for his next venture.

“I don’t really pump and promote the words Dirty Ghetto Kids but I do promote DGK. Like the message is not so much about Dirty Ghetto Kids being that I’m now grown and I have kids of my own. I’m not out there promoting a message of staying dirty and ghetto.

It’s more of a message encouraging you to ‘take adversity head on’ it’s challenging and above all defy adversity. It’s more of an inspirational company than derogatory.”

Peep the video below.