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Sometimes it feels like people just come straight out the woodwork and have a mouthful to dish out.  Rapper Fat Joe has been on hiatus for quite some time as his album went through push backs, but now he has resurfaced amongst the living to deliver some news about particular rappers. 

As many have looked at the recent album releases from artists in Hip-Hop there has been a mutual feeling amongst fans that the final project comes off as more of a mixtape effort more than an actual album.

Artists seem to have actually stepped up their artistry in the mixtape circuit, however, as the final product has the reverse effect and comes off as a more complete and polished body of work.  The two differences seem to weigh in on how record labels can have a heavy influence as it relates to the creative control with albums.

During a discussion with On Smash, Fat Joe gave his incite on some of the reoccurring ailments plaguing the Hip-Hop industry and how he continues to medicate himself to escape the sickness that is spreading throughout the music.

“A lot of albums I hear these days sound like mixtapes,” Joey said in an interview. “Believe it or not, a lot of rappers can’t make hooks. So it’s not a coincidence when you hear your favorite rapper with sampled hooks and they just don’t know how to make it. It’s a lot of albums that sound like Fawking mixtapes. So when I make an album, I just try to make big records and big songs and make ’em huge to where I’m just trying to make every record a hit. Even if I’m making an underground hardcore record, I’ll try to put a real strong hook so it can still feel real big. I hate getting albums and it sounds like one big mixtape.”

These words are coming from a rapper that seems to have become heavily dependent on bars from Lil Wayne.  Not throwing any jabs at Joey Crack, just a minor observation.  Creating hooks are only the tip of the iceberg as it comes to problems with Hip-Hop.

October 6 will be the day where Joey Crack makes his return back to the world with J.O.S.E. Pt. 2.  Let’s hope Joe can show these rappers how a real hook is made.